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Hypnotic thoughts about God delusion, give and take, hypnotic realities, Garden of Eden, in God we trust ...


220. Hypnotic thoughts about God delusion

I'm going to leave this one without a comment ...

219. Hypnotic thoughts about trusting in God

On the one dollar banknote we read: IN GOD WE TRUST.

Is this the STATEMENT of FAITH of the BANKERS?

218. Hypnotic thoughts about the Garden of Eden

Variety of the human perceptions ...

What happened in the Garden of Eden gave rise to the human perception.

And the rise of perception destroyed the KNOWING of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Once the perception replaced the KNOWING of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH - humans descended into the HELL of the PERCEPTIONARY AMBIGUITY.

Everything became RELATIVE. One could perceive things in an infinite number of ways.

In other words - what happened in the Garden of Eden gave birth to HYPNOSIS!

Our task is to become UNHYPNOTIZED, and return to the PARADISE of KNOWING the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

217. Hypnotic thoughts about the hypnotic realities

There is an infinity of THE HYPNOTIC / RELATIVE REALITIES which unfold from the ABSOLUTE / NON-RELATIVE reality of God.

You are one of them!

You are the LIFE of God lived as a human flower.

You are a HYPNOTIC REALITY of God, because you can be hypnotized into a great variety of beliefs about life.

You CAN be hypnotized into many ways of believing but you ARE hypnotized into only ONE.

And what happens in your HYPNOTIC LIFE totally depends on the quality of your hypnosis.

216. Hypnotic thoughts about the most basic truth about you

The most basic truth about you is that you DON'T own your life.

You don't own it because God can take it away from you at any time, without a notice, and without your consent.

And since you don't own your life, how could you ever own anything IN your life?

Ownership is one of the greatest human delusions.

215. A tree ...

The leaves on this tree have just emerged.

There was nothing there a few weeks ago.

They have unfolded from the buds - but first, the buds unfolded from the branches.

The branches unfolded from the trunk long time ago.

The trunk unfolded from the seed, which became the trunk because it took what it needed to become this tree from the earth.

The earth from which this tree took its substance is a tiny part of the Planet Earth, which somehow came into existence from the star dust which gave the origin to our Solar System.

Our Solar System - in turn - unfolded from the galaxy, which we call by the name of the Milky Way.

The Milky Way unfolded from some cluster of galaxies, which unfolded from the Universe, which unfolded from God.

This is how the leaves on this tree unfolded from God.

We are like these leaves - meaning that we don't have an independent existence.

Everything that we are unfolds from the SOURCE of ALL LIFE.

Your thoughts, your emotions, your anxieties and depressions - they are not really yours. They are not PERSONAL. They don't emerge from some independently existing PERSON that "you" think you are.

"You" - just like every leaf on this tree - emerge from some FOREVER UNKNOWABLE COSMIC MEDIUM which we call God.

"You" are nothing but a PLAY of God with all of "your" thoughts and emotions.

And when "you" come in contact with another human - another leaf emerging from the tree of life - God as "you" interacts with God as the other "person".

This is how God as a "hypnotist" hypnotizes God as a hypnotic subject.

Knowing this, I never worry about HOW a particular session of hypnosis is going to unfold.

I'm not doing it anyway!

It's not my personal business.

I know that when I totally surrender to NOT DOING what I do, what I do is as good, and as effective as it could ever be.

It is as good, and as effective as it could ever be, because my PERSONA does not obstruct the Will of God, by its delusional ideas about how to conduct my hypnotic sessions.

214. Hypnotic thoughts about the "give and take" cont.

The questions are:

How do we give so that we can take?

What can we give to God?


Napoleon Hill's classic - Think and Grow Rich - is basically about how to get what you want from God.

Since Think and Grow Rich is a compilation of knowledge collected from the most successful people in the world, over the span of 25 years, it is a source of guidance, which we should treat with - at least some - degree of trust in the reliability of its message.

And what is the core of its message?

It is that - if you want to receive something from God - whom Hill calls by name of the INFINITE INTELLIGENCE - you must proceed in a very specific way.

According to Hill, the INFINITE INTELLIGENCE "cannot" hear your conscious-mind's-only supplication.

Hill says that before your conscious desires can reach the EAR of God, they must be transformed into the desires of your subconscious mind.

According to Hill - only the frequency of your subconscious-mind's vibration can be received by the INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, which responds to it with the UNFOLDMENT of REALITY, that ultimately results in the materialization of your desire.

It is not difficult to realize that what Hill says you must do in order to get from God what you desire - resides in the domain of SELF HYPNOSIS.

213. Hypnotic thoughts about the "give and take"

What the Divine Reality takes is your HYPNOSIS!

Yes, it takes your intense, hypnotic focus, which you apply to the object of your desire, and it gives you the materialization of your desire.

In other words, it takes your prayer and it gives you what you've prayed for.

The mechanism of the Divine Give and Take is deceptively simple.

I will say more about it in the next Random Thought of mine.

212. What if ...

What you see above is the cover of the Maclean's magazine, which caught my attention on May the 8th / 2013, during my regular "rounds" at the nearby Chapters.

The subtitle of this cover article reads: "Why so many people - including scientists - suddenly believe in an afterlife" (see below).

The first thing that I want to say here is that my coming across this article is a great example of SYNCHRONICITY.

I have written quite a bit about SYNCHRONICITY on the page - of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - which is devoted to the issue of HOW TO GET PSYCHIC INSIGHT INTO THE FUTURE.

The second thing that I want to share with you, through this Random Thought of mine is that:

I've just started writing the page, which you are reading now - a page which is going to be devoted in its entirety - to the REALITY of God, and a day after, the REALITY of God directed me to the article about the REALITY of HEAVEN, which is obviously related to the REALITY of God.

Synchronistic events are the proof that SOMETHING responds to what we "INJECT" into the UNIVERSAL REALITY. 

In other words - there is a game of GIVE AND TAKE, which takes place between you and the DIVINE REALITY.

Make sure that you play this game as well as you possibly can - or else, the Law of Karma is going to get you by your ...

Not a very pretty picture at all!

211. Let's talk about God

Richard Dawkings - the author of The God Delusion

Everybody is interested in God.

Even the greatest atheists like Richard Dawkins are deeply interested in God.

They are so interested in God that they write books about "Him".

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