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200. Hypnotic thoughts about what's really worth doing?

When Jackie Kennedy got her cancer diagnosis in her early 60s, she said: "If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have done all those sit-ups".

Sit-ups were obviously not something Jackie thought of as worthy of doing, when she found out that her time was very limited.

I don't know how much time Jackie still had to live after her diagnosis was made.

I only know that she didn't have a lot of time left.

And I'm using her statement to point to the fact that: if you are close to my age (almost 57), we ALSO don't have that much time left.

We may not be TERMINAL, in terms of being diagnosed with a terminal illness, but we ARE terminal in terms of the relatively short time that we still have left.

I've been always acutely aware of my mortality, and consequently, not willing to do anything that I consider to be a waste of time.

I believe that my unwillingness to waste my time has a lot to do with the fact that I've never made a BIG money.

There was a time in my life during which I was intensely troubled by my not MATCHING what some of my friends were making, but again, I was UNWILLING to follow in their footsteps.

I knew, I could do what they were doing, but the money was never enough to provide me with the motivation to engage in the similar pursuits.

Metaphorically speaking, money was not enough to motivate me to do the "SIT-UPS".

I considered the "sit-ups" my friends were doing as pointless, useless and a bunch of nonsense.

From the perspective of time I can say that, I'm glad that I've never joined the trend of keeping up with the "Johnses".

My stubborn resistance to engage in the DAILY SIT-UP ROUTINE of the people around me, has earned me a life style which has been filled with the RICHES and EXCITEMENT coming from following my passion.

I didn't mean this Random Thought of mine to turn into a biographical note.

My initial intention was just to display in front of your eyes the reality of your FINITUDE, and show you that what Jackie had discovered upon being diagnosed with cancer pertains to every single human life.

No matter how old we are, we are all TERMINAL.

And because we ARE terminal our most important question is ALWAYS the same: What's REALLY worth doing in life?

199. Hypnotic thoughts about JFK & Jackie

I bought this book long time ago basically for its cover.

My intention was to use it as a form of self-hypnosis, meant to maintain my awareness of the IMPERMANENCE of LIFE.

Why would I want to keep the reality of the IMPERMANENCE of LIFE in my awareness?

Simply because the reality of the IMPERMANENCE of LIFE makes everything very light.

The awareness of the IMPERMANENCE of LIFE shifts you into the LIGHTNESS of BEING.

There is an interesting paradox that exists in our culture.

Everybody loves the freedom from worry, and yet, most people worship the HEAVINESS of BEING.

To most people the LIGHTNESS of BEING is UNBEARABLE!

Most people take themselves and their lives much too seriously!

They struggle terribly with their horribly serious problems and then the whole thing - their problems and themselves - burst into nothingness like a soap bubble.

This bursting into nothingness is what I see when I look at the cover of JFK & Jackie.

They were such a very serious "business".

They lived a life of privilege and glamour.

The whole world was looking at them.

And where are they now?

Gone with the wind!

He was killed by a bullet of an assassin at the age of 43.

She died of cancer at the age of 64.

In one way or another their story repeats itself over and over again.

It repeats itself in everybody's life.

The stories are different but the ending is always the same:

So, don't worry about anything too much.

Whatever is will NOT BE.

Sooner of later it will be all GONE WITH THE WIND!

198. Hypnotic thoughts about your calendar

The days fall off of the calendar just as the leaves fall off of the tree.

The difference between the two is that the leaves fall off of the tree only during the fall season and the days fall off of the calendar all the time.

Your calendar is ALWAYS with you, even if you don't have one.

Your calendar is your most precious possession.

Your calendar is the TIME of YOUR LIFE!

197. They were madly in love ...

They were madly in love

He was young and handsome

She was young and beautiful

He left her in 2000, at the age of 85

She's still around. She's 89 today (2013)

I was just thinking that everything is like this ...

Very soon it will be gone with the wind

196. Hypnotic thoughts about what money can't buy

She is 88 years old and has been in a nursing home for almost 3 years now.


She doesn't socialize, stays in her room alone, and goes out only three times a day to have her breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Between the meals she usually sleeps in her bed.

Because of the severe, inoperable, bilateral cataracts she cannot see much.

She doesn't read and doesn't watch TV.

Nobody visits her except me, but my visits are not very frequent.

There is seemingly NOTHING happening in her life.

However, when I asked her recently whether or not she enjoyed her life she answered: "Every minute of it. Every minute brings something new".

She enjoys her life, wants to live, and has no complaints about her present condition.

I've known her for many years. She has always been single but never complained about being alone.

I remember, some time ago she told me: "I've never been alone, God has always been with me".

Where am I going with my description of this old lady?

The point which I want to make here is that your quality of life doesn't really depend on the external possessions.

It depends almost entirely on how rich you are INSIDE.

There are seemingly poor people out there, who have far richer experience of life than many millionaires!

The richness of your life experience depends on how you relate to the world you live in, and not on how much money you have in the bank.

So many people strive to be rich, and can never really get there because they remain poor INSIDE.

No amount of money can fill that inner poverty.

But the money chasers can't understand it, and think that if only they could get MORE, they would be finally happy, but their happiness never comes.

195. Hypnotic thoughts about chasing money

Would you be still chasing money if you had only one day left to live?

Would you be still chasing money if you had only one week left to live?

How about one month or one year?

How much time would you still have to have left in order to engage into a chase after money?

Now, is there anything that you would still really want to do, even if you knew that you had only one day left to live?

Do you think that Van Gogh would still want to paint if he knew that he had only one day left to live?

We know that he had never made any money on his paintings.

We also know that he was totally aware of the fact that his paintings were not going to sell.

As far as I know, he was able to sell only one of his paintings for the equivalent of a few dollars.

He wrote: "I cannot help if my paintings do not sell. But the time will come when people realize that they are worth more than the cost of the paint".

The point I'm trying to make here is that the fullness of life is in doing something that you would still want to do, even if you had only one day left to live.

Can you tell what that something might be?

194. Hypnotic thoughts about aging

Carl Jung as a child

Carl Jung as a young man

Carl Jung as a middle aged man

Carl Jung as an old man

Old age brings to us various gifts.

One of these gifts is our freedom to be who we are, and say what we want to say without fear of being judged by the other people.

When we reach a certain age we don't have much to lose anymore.

This state of affairs can be quite LIBERATING!

When Carl Jung was already in his eight decade he felt free to openly disclose his great interest and belief in the I CHING - the ancient Chinese oracle used to predict the unfoldment of the future events.

How I CHING works

In his introduction to the first English-language publication of the I CHING in 1950, Jung wrote:

"I know that previously I would not have dared to express myself so explicitly about so uncertain a matter.

I can take this risk because I am now in my eight decade, and the changing opinions of men scarcely impress me anymore.

The thoughts of the old masters are of greater value to me than the philosophical prejudices of the Western mind".


I definitely become progressively less and less concerned with various matters as I grow older.

At my present age, I am focused neither on achieving anything nor on proving anything to anyone.

I'm just doing what I believe I am supposed to do, and don't care what other people may think about it.

I don't know how old you are. I don't know whether or not you can benefit from the insight which I'm offering here.

All I know is that growing older can be truly LIBERATING.

193. How long ...

Mozart died at 35

Byron died at 36

Van Gogh died at 37

How long do you think you are going to live?

192. My time is running out

My time is running out.

Your time is running out.

Everybody's time is running out.

191. Hypnotic thoughts about the old people

Old people don't usually regret what they have done.

For the most part they regret what they haven't done.

You may still have time to do what you've always wanted to do but for some reason have never done it.

I don't know anything about you except that your time is running out.

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