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190. Hypnotic thoughts about the torment in your life

Never mind little torment in your life.

"Security, certitude and peace do not lead to discoveries"

                                                              Carl Jung

189. Hypnotic thoughts about hypnotizing yourself

You can actually hypnotize yourself into various beneficial ways of behaving, and unhypnotize yourself from whatever blocks you, stops you an collapses you in your life, by simply writing to yourself.

I've done a lot of self-hypnotic writing during the course of my life.

I've never counted the pages I've written to myself in the effort to achieve the clarity of vision, and the motivation to transform my visions into reality.

I'm sure, I've written much more than 10,000 self-hypnotic pages to myself. Perhaps even 20,000 or 30,000 - I don't really know.

All I know is that I regularly go to the nearby store and buy another rim of paper, 500-pages-thick. I also know that they go rather fast.

If you would like to follow my self-hypnotic routine, and benefit from its immense life-changing power, I have a word of advice: use in your self-hypnotic writing only what truly impresses you, only what you consider important, and don't mind writing about it over and over again.

It is through this seemingly boring procedure of keeping in front of your eyes the thoughts and ideas which truly impress you, that sooner or later, you are going to be able to shift your conscious impressions into the realm of your subconscious mind.

188. Hypnotic thoughts about writing to yourself

Writing to yourself about yourself is absolutely necessary for your self-discovery.

And your self-discovery is absolutely essential to your progress in life.

Everybody enters many blind alleys during the course of his life.

But not everybody makes an effort to extract himself from his existential darkness.

It is so easy to be deceived by the desires of the glory-craving egoic-self.

It is very difficult to achieve the real clarity of vision.

In my experience, nothing has ever been able to help me more than brutally honest writing about myself to myself.

One thing is to have honest, misconduct-correcting thoughts about yourself, and the other is to write them down in order to study them in depth.

Your subconscious offers you many priceless insights about yourself all the time. Don't let them drift away from you. Catch them on paper for further study.

I don't know of any more effective, and less expensive way of finding my way through the terribly convoluted maze of my human, earthly existence.

187. Hypnotic thoughts about success

If you want to succeed in your life, you must do all you can to overcome your conscious/subconscious conflicts.

It doesn't really matter what you want consciously.

If what you want consciously is in conflict with what you want subconsciously, you have no chance to achieve what you consciously desire. Your subconscious mind is going to make you fail.

In order to overcome your conscious/subconscious conflicts you need an INSIGHT. You must become aware of what your subconscious mind wants.

When you start getting insights about your actual subconscious desires you must write them down and meditate upon them.

Your writing them down, and meditating upon them is absolutely critical.

Unless you write them down, they will drift away from you, and you will be recycled back to the point of your lack of awareness.

It is not easy to find out what your subconscious mind really wants.

It is not easy to resolve a conscious/subconscious conflict.

What you need to do in order to achieve such resolution may run against the grain of your most cherished conscious desires.

It is not easy to give them up in order to devote yourself to what you are really meant to be and do in your life.

186. Hypnotic thoughts about being an atheist

An atheist is like someone who is breathing and at the same time denying the existence of the oxygen.

He is like someone who is tanning his body on a beach and at the same time denying the existence of the sun.

He has his ears and his eyes but can neither hear nor see.

An atheist is only psycho-physiologically alive.

He is a walking dead.

185. Hypnotic thoughts about success

If you want to be really successful in life, you must do what God wants you to do.

There is no way that you could ever fail while following the Will of God.

To follow the Will of God is easy.

What's difficult is to know what the Will of God is.

A spider is free from the human dilemma. He never asks the question: Am I really following the will of God?

Without being conscious of it, he always fulfills the Will of God perfectly.

He always does what he is meant to do.

The tradeoff is that he has no choice to do anything else.

He is perfect at what he does at the expense of his lack of awareness.

You - on the other hand - have your freedom of choice.

You can follow the Will of God or you can reject it.

You have your free will, and you pay for it with the torment of your lack of certainty.

But really... Would your rather be free from that torment and live a spider-man's life?

184. Hypnotic thoughts about decision making

You can't just decide to accomplish something of significance in your life without the inner energy which pushes you towards that accomplishment.

What you are meant to do, and to be, must spontaneously emerge from your soul.

You may even experience your conscious resistance to the inner push, which forces you to step out of your comfort zone, and engage into actions which you fear to undertake.

Whatever the case, a mere decision to do something - just because you superficially think that this is what you are supposed to do - will always lead to some sort of regret. It will always lead to a sense of having wasted the precious time of your life.

You can never attain a real success in a way that is DISCONNECTED from what you are meant to be.

There are a lot of seemingly very successful people out there, who after climbing the ladder of "success" have found that it had always been leaning against the wrong wall.

You don't really want to look back at your life - from the perspective of your last hour - and realize that you had missed you boat.

We are all like the candles which can potentially be lit up in order to bring some very specific kind of light to this world.

Find your inner light, make it shine, and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest imagination.

Finding your life purpose

Career choice

183. What ultimately heals ...

What ultimately heals is neither the method nor the technique.

What ultimately heals is the connection between the healer and the help seeking person.

Their meeting is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction both are transformed.

There are also those cases in which the healer functions as a catalyst of change.

In those cases the reaction between the healer and the help seeking person is not necessary.

The mere presence of the healer enables the help seeking person to enter into a reaction with the Universal Reality, which results in the desired transformation.

182. Hypnotic thoughts about the magical night

I've taken this picture on the the unusually warm, rainy night, on the 30th of January 2013 in Toronto.

When I was standing outside of my house last night, looking at what I'm showing you above, I was transported out of this world, and out of all of its concerns into the world of the MYSTICAL UNION WITH LIFE.

The feeling of a deep, non-causally-founded joy entered my awareness.

I felt happy - happy just to be alive.

There was nothing that happened in my life that caused that joy to arise in my awareness.

I did nothing to enter into this state of mind.

I accessed it spontaneously, and as I was standing there, I was thinking about about the true nature of happiness.

I was thinking that the joy of life was in our ability to access the state of MAGIC of LIFE. The state of awareness that is filled with the joy of existence, and totally independent of the life's circumstances.

I also remembered what the Hungarian Nobel laureate, Imre Kertesz wrote in his book entitled Fateless.

As a survivor of the Auschwitz and Buchenwald, German Nazi concentration camps, he wrote about the HAPPINESS of THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS!

Can you imagine this? Happiness of the concentration camps?

And yet, that was a part of his imprisonment reality.

I don't know of any other - relatively recent - historical document which shows the reality of the authentic, non-causal joy and happiness of life better than the book Fateless.

The reality of the non-causal joy and happiness of life enables many of those who are poor to be far happier than those who are considered to be rich.

It shows where the true RICHNESS of life resides.

181. Hypnotic thoughts about the toxic psychiatry

Dr. Healy's book Pharmageddon was brought to my attention by the article by Helke Ferrie published in the Vitality Magazine.

I'm convinced that whoever considers a standard, drug-oriented  psychiatric treatment should first familiarize himself with its contents.

Before you book your appointment with a psychiatrist you may want to read an article entitled Toxic Psychiatry by Helke Ferrie, published recently in the Vitality Magazine.

It is a well researched, excellent article about the dangers of modern psychiatry.

Ferrie's article speaks not only about the brain damaging side effects of the modern best-selling psychiatric drugs, and the scientific research which shows that the theory of the chemical imbalance in the brain is a bunch of lies - it also makes the reader aware of the mind boggling state of affairs within the psychiatric profession.

There must be something horribly wrong with the modern psychiatry if Dr. Healy, a professor of psychiatry himself, tells his colleagues at the 2012, annual convention of the American Psychiatric Association that they are "committing professional suicide" by associating themselves with the evil, profit oriented pharmaceutical industry, and prescribing the brain damaging psychiatric drugs.

Ferrie's article shows that the modern psychiatry - as we know it - may be on its last legs.


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