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170. Hypnotic thoughts about snowflakes

Wilson Bentley (1865 - 1931), nicknamed “Snowflake” was one of the first photographers of snowflakes.

His more than hundred-years-old images of snowflakes show their incredibly beautiful design.

I’m writing here about snowflakes, because they are a great metaphor for what you - on your physical level of existence - are.

The beauty of your physical existence is much like the beauty of a snowflake. It is absolutely amazing and yet, to cling to it would be like trying to cling to the melting body of a snowflake.

Yes, you are beautiful and yes, you are melting.

Don’t try to cling to your melting physical form - you would be just wasting your energy and time - enjoy it, use it, always keeping in mind its transient nature.

It is precisely its transient nature that points to what you eternally are.

169. It happened again ...

It happened again!

I tuned into my spirit-nature / reality and immediately started attracting some spirit entity.

I was approached by some spirit entity again, and I was not in the usual, flat on-my-back position.

I was curled into a fetal position, lying on my side, as I FOCUSED on my solar plexus, and my heart chakra.

What happened again was that I went so deeply into my energy body, that I’ve transcended my physiological self, and entered my non-material level of existence.

At that level, I became aware of the spirit presence around me - an entity - which attempted to make a contact with my spirit-self.

I’m still not able to go through the experience of allowing the spirit entity - which is attracted to my own spirit - to connect with me, and enter into some form of communication with it.

Upon being approached by a spirit entity and feeling strongly its presence I still push it away and refuse to enter into some form of engagement.

My plan is to overcome that fear / discomfort and allow for the connection to happen.

I believe that what I’ve experienced today shows the way of making a conscious contact with the spirit world.

It seems that if you want to connect with the spirit world, you must first enter into your own spirit-reality, and once you are there, the connection is automatically established.

Body energy awareness training

168. Hypnotic thoughts about the Islamic outrage

This Random Thought of mine was inspired by the recent, worldwide Islamic outrage and violence in response to some idiotic, amateurish movie ridiculing their prophet Muhammad.

Now, if you are a Christian, and if someone begins to “spit” on your Jesus, what would you do?

Would you go into a rage? Would you become violent? Would you go as far as killing the offender?

And if you became enraged and violent - what would that tell the world about the quality of your FAITH?

Wouldn’t your offended state of mind only prove how shaky and insecure you actually are in your FAITH?

Isn’t it true that a solid FAITH is absolutely UNSHAKABLE?

Isn’t it true that the whole purpose of achieving REAL FAITH is to be able to take whatever happens with EQUANIMITY?

What kind of hypnosis governs the minds of the religiously insane?

He thought he believed in God

167. Hypnotic thoughts about God

God seems to be in the ongoing business of creation and destruction.

The stars are born and the stars die. Our Sun has only 5 billion more years to go before it goes “belly up”.

People are born, strive to achieve things in their lives and then a tsunami comes and kills tens of thousands in a few minutes. It renders all their strivings and all their efforts absolutely useless - at least - in the context of their own earthly lives.

This is the world we live in.

God - the Mighty Current of Reality - does with the people whatever It wills.

I suggest that you be careful in your efforts to get close to God because God IS EVERYTHING!

God can do with you whatever He wants.

He can may even force you to book a hypnosis session!

166. Hypnotic thoughts about Henley's delusion

William Ernest Henley

William Ernest Henley wrote a poem - first published in 1875 - which SUPPOSEDLY offered an inspiring insight into the nature of the REALITY we live in.

Henley wrote: "I am the master of my fate - I am the captain of my soul".

Henley's poem has been a source of a MASS HYPNOSIS for a long time.

It's famous - quoted above - line, has managed to DELUDE countless numbers of people by making them believe in their OWN independent power to navigate the currents of the rivers of their lives.

I would like to present here the images of those who SOMEHOW do not enjoy the powers of which the deluded poet wrote about in his unfortunate poem.

The images presented below have been taken in a dementia ward of a nursing home.

I just wonder... If the deluded poet - William Henley - had a chance to reflect on the abysmal idiocy of his ideas - the idiocy, which the below presented images prove better than any intellectual arguments could - would he have written a corrective piece of poetry, a piece in which he would have acknowledged our human, total and complete inability to be in control of the outcomes of the efforts, which we make towards the achievement of our goals?

Would he have seen and acknowledged that the people shown on the images presented below - OBVIOUSLY - have NEVER WISHED to become who they are, and be where they are?

Would he have apologized for producing such an idiotic and hypnotically destructive piece of a DELUSIONAL INSPIRATION?

We will never know the answers to these questions.

What we CAN know is that there are many HENLEYS out there.

There are many HENLEYS out there, who are followed by hundreds of thousands of HUMAN, DELUDED SHEEP, right to the cliff from which they fall into some of the most profoundly damaging forms of MASS HYPNOSIS, which unfortunately governs so many lives.

What YOU CAN know is that you must be on guard against all those who - in one way or another - attempt to enslave you via their powerful, worldwide hypnotic productions.

What they say sounds very attractive. It may pleasantly tickle your mind by offering to it what it would like to believe.

The reality of our human existence stares at you from the pictures that follow this Random Thought of mine.

I don't present this reality here to depress you.

I am showing it only to make your TOTAL DEPENDENCE ON GOD as obvious as possible, and I hope that my effort will create at least one awakening from the hypnosis of the "captaincy of our human souls".

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165. About the difference ...

There is no person in this world who has never encountered the opposing him forces as he tried to work towards a particular goal in his life.

Whatever has ever opposed you could be categorized in a very simple and clear way.

All the forces that have ever opposed you, have been either meant to be overcome by your efforts, or they served as the messages telling you to quit whatever you were trying to accomplish.

There is a tremendous difference between the efforts which are meant to be made in order to overcome a particular form of adversity, and the efforts which are meant to be suspended because they are obviously leading nowhere.

Quite often people keep on persisting in their efforts - as if hypnotized by the vision of the goal which they want to accomplish - when in actuality, what they desire is totally outside of their range of possibility.

It is a myth that you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish and be whatever you want to be.

It is a myth which the UNLIMITED POWER and NO-LIMITS-living peddlers use to delude people in order to extract from them their money.

If there were no limitations, and if the seemingly successful ones would be always becoming even more successful, the Hitlers, Husseins and Gaddafis would be still around.

What I want to convey here is that you must learn how to distinguish between what you are meant to be and accomplish from the goals which are - so-to-speak - not in the hand of your cards.

The peddlers of the UNLIMITED POWER and NO-LIMITS-living would like you to believe that "It's not the hand that you are dealt, but how you are playing your cards."

True - there are things in your life which you are meant to overcome and goals you are meant to achieve, even when the seemingly necessary resources are not there.

This is what living by FAITH is all about.

On the other hand, there are goals and pursuits which are nothing but dangerous TEMPTATIONS in the context of your own, unique, meant-to-be place in the UNIVERSAL scheme of things.

What I want to convey here is that you MUST know the difference...

164. Hypnotic thoughts about the religious monsters

Tomas Torquemada

After reading an article about the Catholic Church’s more than 3-billion-dollar-payout to the thousands of people sexually abused by the Catholic priests, somehow, my thoughts went towards the horrific crimes of Tomas Torquemada - the leader of the Spanish Holy Inquisition.

I thought about the unspeakable tortures to which thousands of the innocent people were subjected in the name of some insane religious ideas.

Almost 10,000 people were burned at stake during the reign of the Spanish Inquisition, and another 10,000 were tortured in the most horrible ways.

I thought about the minds of the Torquemada-like Christian monsters and how they were hypnotized by their evil religious beliefs.

I also thought about the whole medieval, religious thought system which was able to hypnotize humans into extremes of religious insanity.

How fortunate we are to live in the world free from the governing power of the church and it’s religiously insane leaders!


Tomas Torquemada died peacefully in his sleep...

163. Hypnotic thoughts about somebody in London - England

I've been talking to a young man from London -England, via email, helping him to become aware of what has been really stopping him from moving on in his life.

After an exchange of a few emails he saw that it was no his lack of confidence, but a difficulty of making a decision.

He's been considering a few career options and ended up stuck in a state of indecision.

What follows is my response to his last email:

"Yes, it can be extremely difficult to make a decision - to chose one of the options.

This difficulty arises basically because making a choice kills all the other possibilities.

And it is hard for the mind to let go of the perceived freedom of choice.

Once you decide, there is no more freedom and you MUST commit yourself, for the better or worse, to the choice you've made.

But regardless of that difficulty you MUST choose.

You must start doing something because doing something is infinitely better than doing nothing.

Doing something will take you somewhere, and even if it takes you only to the point of dumping it - this will be your gain.

The gain of KNOWING that it was not it. And that gain is very precious indeed.

Whatever will happen, when you start doing something, you will learn from it - you will be on the move, rather than stuck in your paralysis of analysis.

Sometimes when I'm not sure what to do, I consult the I CHING oracle and make a decision based upon what it says.

I CHING has never failed me in its incredible predictive power.

You can follow the link below, and find out more about it:"

I Ching oracle and its incredible future-predicting power

162. Hypnotic thoughts about the subway hypnosis cont.

Around noon time my girl SMS-ed me: "I love my job!"

Later, when she was already back from work, she said that the only reason for her formerly experienced work-related distress was that she FORGOT that she loved her job.

Funny isn't it?

It's funny how little it takes for us to flip from a state of misery into a state of exuberation.

It's funny that we FORGET where our real happiness is.

If you are feeling down at this moment - my suggestion is that you make a mental effort to REMEMBER what makes you happy, look for it in your life, find it, and the chances are, your state of mind will change for the better.

161. Hypnotic thoughts about the subway hypnosis

My daughter begins her working life today (Sept. 04. 2012).

Today is the first day of her full-time employment.

I offered to drive her downtown, but she said - she wanted to take the subway.

She wants to take the subway because she needs all those miserable people, who are going to work downtown in the morning, to be around her.

She doesn't want to be alone amidst the misery of her lost freedom of life.

She needs the miserable people around her to feel less miserable.

Basically she wants to perform on herself an act of self hypnosis!

And she's going for it with a complete premeditation.

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