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160. Hypnotic thoughts about the Cloud of Unknowing cont.

I’m writing this because I think I should say a few words about The Cloud of Unknowing here, rather than, just leave what I’ve said below without any further comments.

The Cloud of Unknowing is a gem of the mystical literature, and it is most likely the best source of learning HOW TO CONNECT WITH GOD.

The Cloud of Unknowing has been written hundreds of years ago - anonymously - by a spiritual teacher who created it for his student in order to teach him how to achieve a state of consciousness conducive to the attainment of the connection with God.

Essentially, the Cloud of Unknowing - without ever using the language of hypnosis - points to the absolute necessity of UNHYPNOTIZING of our minds, before we can experience the DIVINE.

This necessity of UNHYPNOTIZING of our minds is simply about getting rid of all concepts and ideas, which our minds are filled with.

Before we can experience our connection with God, our minds must become totally empty of concepts and ideas.

We must become conceptually-empty because God is not an idea in our minds, and can never be REALLY experienced as such.

We can have ideas ABOUT GOD, but we can never access God through ideas.

I don’t want to go any further here into the mystical subject of the human relationship with God.

I’m sure I will write a full page about it soon, and place it in the Toronto Spiritual Healing section of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website.

159. Hypnotic thoughts about the Cloud of Unknowing

There is a joke which asks the question: “How do you know that a politician is NOT lying?”

And the answer to this question is: “His lips are NOT moving!”

Jokes similar to the one presented above, show that the society IS aware of the deceptive nature of the political office.

We know that our leaders are lying to us, and I we expect them to tell us all kinds of lies.

The funny thing is that, in spite of our awareness, we still - so often - end up hypnotized by what our leaders seem to be able to do with our belief-craving minds.

As humans, we DO need to believe in SOMETHING, and are willing to believe in the ongoing political lies of our leaders, rather than, to resign ourselves to the existence in the intolerable, belief-empty, psychological vacuum.

It is precisely our need to hang onto some belief-structure that enables the politicians and the cult leaders to repeatedly abuse our - averse to the psychological vacuum - mentality.

For the most part we are not aware of the amazing fact that WE ARE DESPERATE TO BE HYPNOTIZED INTO SOMETHING!

And in the absence of the positive hypnosis anything will do!

Even the negative hypnosis is more desirable than no hypnosis at all.

Most of us MUST be hypnotized into KNOWING SOMETHING.

And KNOWING ANYTHING is more desirable, and more tolerable to us than THE CLOUD of UNKNOWING.

158. Hypnotic thoughts # 157 cont.

My mind still seems to want to dwell on the theme of the egomaniacal people who are supposedly in the public service.

What Michael Bryant said about himself: “I put myself upon the pedestal. And the trip down to the pillory is a long one” - exemplifies what is so very common to our leaders and politicians.

It is my belief that most of them are not in the public service, but in the service of their immensely inflated egos.

I believe that most of them are dangerous egomaniacs who under the cover of the public service, attempt to fulfill their ego-based cravings for power.

I believe that simply because most of them are very, very sick people we live in a very, very sick world.

What amazes me is that the masses, like sheep, allow themselves to be governed by the egomaniacs who couldn’t care less about the lives of the people.

The masses not only allow themselves to be governed by criminally-minded egomaniacs but do worship them as gods - as if hypnotized by the rhetoric of those who manage to lead them by their noses.

One of the leaders who had worked out his speeches to the heights of hypnotic perfection was Adolf Hitler.

He used to practice for hours in front of a mirror.

Hitler became a true master of the mass hypnosis and used it with great skill to hypnotize the entire country.

157. 28 seconds

amazon.com description of the book content

A night that began with a dinner to celebrate his eleventh wedding anniversary ended in a jail cell for Michael Bryant.

He was charged with dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing the death of cyclist Darcy Sheppard.

Ironically, he had helped write the legal test for the same charges sixteen years earlier.

Bryant, as Ontario's attorney general, was the man responsible for administering 500,000 criminal charges every year in that province.

He now faced prosecution by the same justice system.

The charges were eventually dropped, but nothing could undo what had happened to Sheppard-or Bryant.”


This Random Thought of mine was inspired by the cover article in the Toronto Star on August 19 / 2012.

The article was entitled: “In 28 seconds, a man lost his life. And Michael Bryant lost everything he thought he was.”

What caught my attention was what Michael Bryant said about himself: “I put myself upon the pedestal. And the trip down to the pillory is a long one.”


There was a time in my life when I was also hypnotized into my ego-based glory.

I also put myself upon the pedestal.

And my glorious self-image had also collapsed when it collided with the rock of the Ultimate Reality.

So basically, Bryant’s story reminded me of my own ego-demise.

Bryant’s self-hypnotic delusion of his personal glory had collapsed upon his collision with a bike courier.

It took a death of another person to UNHYPNOTIZE Michael Bryant from the hypnotic delusion of his personal greatness.

Now, does this Random Thought stimulate any potentially life changing reflections in you?

I hope it does something.

I hope that it at least makes you reflect upon your own state of self hypnosis for at least 28 seconds.

I haven’t read Bryant’s book, but it seems that you may be able to find in it a lot of potentially ego-dissolving material.

156. Hypnotic thoughts about the Iron Lady

She was the most powerful woman in the world in her day.

She never compromised.

But her mind - later in her life - severely compromised her.

She basically lost her mind to a large degree, and ended up living a dream of an overwhelming delusion.

Watch the movie and see how fragile the great powers of this world actually are.

See what happens to the once-powerful movers and shakers.

See how easy it is for them to lose their minds.

Realize that your mind is NOT your ultimate reality.

See and realize that you ultimately must evolve beyond your disposable, hypnotically conditioned human mind.

Realize that what you need more than anything else is to be UNHYPNOTIZED form the hypnotic dream of your material existence and awakened to what you really are.

155. Another dream ...

You sleep at night and dream your dreams and then you wake up into another hypnotic dream which you think is your waking life.

You call this another dream by the name of your waking life but there is nothing really awakened about it.

It is but a hypnotic structure supported by your conditioned beliefs about the nature of reality you live in.

Your beliefs are as far from the REALITY of WHAT ACTUALLY IS, as the beliefs about the earth being flat were from the actual shape of the planed you live on.

REALITY is not only NOT KNOWN by the fragile structure of the human mind - it is UNKNOWABLE to the mind and it will forever be.

How powerful is your mind - this human mind, which can be so cocky, so self-righteous, and so insisting in its deluded claims?

Go and visit a dementia ward of a nearby nursing home and you will see what your mind really is.

You will see what it really is because you will see what it can become.

I do pay regular visits to one of these wards.

Nothing humbles me more than what I see knowing that it is not just THEM - for I see myself in them and them in me.

I am what they were and who knows... I may become what they are.

154. It’s easy ...

It is relatively easy to stand on one leg if you focus your eyes on one point.

The moment you start shifting your gaze from one place to another, you are beginning to lose your balance, and eventually you lose it completely.

This simple phenomenon reflects what happens whenever you attempt to succeed in any area of your life.

The standing-on-one-leg little drama can teach you a lot about the basics of succeeding, as well as failing.

I guess the lesson presented here is obvious.

The following link will take further into this matter...

Unless you can hypnotize yourself into a state of one-pointed focus...

153. Hypnotic thoughts about the Eckhartian nonsense

There are some super successful people out there whose teachings are revered worldwide.

One of them is Eckhart Tolle.

What absolutely amazes me is that the multitudes follow him - as if hypnotized - in spite of the abysmal nonsense of what he preaches.

He tells his followers that by making a conscious decision they can override the patterns of their subconscious minds.

This is NOT TRUE to fact!

It is an abysmal nonsense!

Just decide...

Hypocritical Tolle

Why not to awaken now?

152. Hypnotic thoughts about going in circles

I write what I write in my Random Thoughts not only for my readers but also for myself.

Since it is only natural that my thoughts just as everybody else’s thoughts repeat themselves - I do go in circles here, and that’s how I expect it to be.

My Random Thoughts section of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is basically a journal of my daily thoughts on different subjects.

And as I re-read what I’ve written I do get an idea of what my thinking is all about.

In other words my Random Thoughts serve me as a tool of insight into the patterns of my own mind.

The unavoidable circularity of what I write about doesn’t take anything away from its value.

It is always more or less the same stuff, but my takes on it are very different.

And also, my Random Thoughts section of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is meant to be HYPNOTIC, and hypnosis does require the repetition of suggestions.

151. Hypnotic thoughts about the idiotic behaviors

As humans, we are subject to various forms of idiotic behaviors.

Yes, you and me and everybody else including the saints do at times behave in idiotic ways.

Our idiotic behaviors are what our inherent brokenness is.

The Christian religion recognizes this state of affairs and speaks about the original sin.

What follows is that you and me, and everybody else can COUNT ON behaving in a totally idiotic ways.

As humans we simply CANNOT NOT TO engage in various forms of idiotic behaviors.

The only thing that saves us is our ability to BE AWARE of our inherent brokenness and be able to recognize our idiocy when it arises.

It is only our ability to RECOGNIZE our IDIOTIC behaviors for what they are that enables us to cut them in the bud.

We must be willing to train our AWARENESS to the point at which our psychological idiocies can be caught before they escalate into a full bloom of irrational horrors.

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