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150. Hypnotic thoughts about the will to succeed

One thing is common to all of us.

It is our will to succeed.

We all want to succeed in our respective fields of endeavor.

A God-centered mystic wants to succeed in his efforts towards his unification with God.

A businessman wants to succeed in his business.

It seems that our SUCCESS-ORIENTED-EFFORTS are the only game in town.

It is also clear that most people are not very successful.

How is it that most of us fail in the only game we are really interested in playing?

How is it that most of the people don’t get what they want?

What stops them?

What blocks them?

Is it God?

Or is it some internal conflict between their conscious and their subconscious minds?

What is the main force that works against us as we try to succeed in various areas of our lives?

What is the main force that works against YOU?

149. Hypnotic thoughts about the real confidence

What I’ve written below in the Random Thought # 148 about the GOD-CENTERED way of existence is supremely relevant to the issue of running on the leaded fuel of the FALSE, EGO-BASED CONFIDENCE, versus the unleaded, pure, high octane fuel of the REAL CONFIDENCE arising from your REAL SPIRIT-SELF.

What I want to say here is that ONLY when you have established your AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP with LIFE you can be REALLY CONFIDENT.


The solution to all problems of life which I’m mentioning briefly here arises from the field of study and practice known under the name of PRACTICAL MYSTICISM.

I’d love to write a long page about this and most likely will do it soon.

As always, time is a factor and there is never enough of it to do all the things which I would like to do.

148. Hypnotic thoughts about being high on life

When you are HIGH ON LIFE not too many things can affect you in a negative way.

When you are HIGH ON LIFE, your spouse could leave you, your partner could dump you, and yet you would not be troubled by it too much.

You would be basically O.K. because you depend on LIFE and your relationship with LIFE, and not on the so very unpredictable human factor which is just a part of the LIFE you live.

What does it mean to be dependent on LIFE?

It means many things...

It means that you don’t live in a state of dependency on what other people will or will not do.

It means that you don’t derive your ESSENCE from the presence of other people in your life.

You don’t do it because you understand that no human being is - or ever will be - able to complete your own being.

You realize that your soul can find its completeness only in the RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.

GOD IS THE LIFE I’m writing here about.

147. Hypnotic thoughts about two kinds of confidence

There are two kinds of confidence.

One of them is REAL and the other is FALSE.

The FALSE, ego-based confidence is shaken up each time the ego-self suffers disappointments, criticisms and various forms of failure.

The FALSE, ego-based confidence is like an inflated ballon holding its shape only until it meats with a sharp needle.The REAL spirit-based confidence cannot be deflated.

It cannot be deflated by failures experienced in this world because it does not belong to this world.

It operates in this world but it is totally transcendent to it.
This confidence ALREADY exists within you.

It does NOT have to be worked out.

It just needs to be stripped of the layers of your ego-based psychological delusions, which have covered it up, as you’ve gone through the unavoidable process of the negative conditioning of your mind.

Everybody goes through this process.
Not to many, however, manage to UNHYPNOTIZE themselves from the psychological burden of their ego-self-based delusions.

146. Hypnotic thoughts about the specialized knowledge

Specialized knowledge is cheep.

You can go on the Internet and learn about mostly anything for free.

Learning about something, however, is not the same as KNOWING how to do it.

No amount of learning about swimming will make you a good swimmer.

The only way to success in any area of your life is to get INTO THE ACTION!

It is the necessity of ACTION that makes succeeding difficult for so many people.

It is difficult to ACT because action requires CONFIDENCE.

And it is no secret that most people are not very CONFIDENT about themselves and what they have to offer.

Most people are hypnotized into FEAR of REJECTION which totally paralyzes their attempts to engage into a meaningful ACTION.

145. They can’t ...

There are great stock market analysts out there who can’t trade their way out of a paper bag!

How is this possible?

Obviously, there must be a great difference between the ability to analyze something and the ability to engage into a successful action in the same field of consideration.

You can read till you die about swimming and analyze the various swimming styles, but unless you can actually jump into the water and enter into a REAL action, swimming will forever remain outside of the realm of your experience.

What I’m saying here is that there is ultimately no substitute for ACTION.

You must be willing to ACT and experience all the corollaries of acting things out.

You must be willing to fail, to be rejected and to move on, in spite of the psychological discomfort which failures and rejections inevitably engender.

Because, whatever blocks you from action has been conditioned in your mind - because you’ve been hypnotized into your action-disability - you can be also UNHYPNOTIZED from it.

In fact, there is NO OTHER WAY TO SUCCESS for all those who - in one way or another - have been psychologically disabled by various, negative influences to which they happened to be exposed during the course of their lives.

Whatever form of negativity you’ve been hypnotized into, MUST BE UNDONE via a process of UNHYPNOTIZATION.

I’m sure, what I’m saying here is rather obvious.

I’m sure you can see clearly how it works, and are able to take the necessary steps towards your liberation.

144. What is more difficult to master ...

What is more difficult to master - the ability to sell or the fear of rejection?

To answer this question I am going to say this:

There are very intelligent, very articulate people out there, who can make very convincing cases for anything they have a lot of knowledge about.

But in spite of their intelligence, linguistic skills and knowledge they are terrified of rejection.

On the other hand there are those who are simple, even “stupid”, but afraid of nothing.

They are willing to approach anyone with their message.

Can you guess who will be more successful?

143. Hypnotic thoughts about living a creative life

There is nothing more dead than a dead life.

A dead life is more dead than death itself!

Do all you can to extract yourself from the club of the living dead.

Create, get inspired, get involved in something...

Discover your life purpose!

You must be waking up every day to another day of creative endeavor.

You must do what God does.

He creates all the time!

You must join Him in His game of creation.

You must use your talent to do something in a way which is uniquely yours.

You must let yourself be used by LIFE in its play.

You must burn like a candle spreading your light.

There are so many people out there who exist like candles which have never been lit.

Do all you can to get your flame going.

You will not come here in your present form again.

This is your one-time-only chance for living the life you have.

142. Hypnotic thoughts about selling

Everything has to be “sold”.

Even Jesus spoke to the crowds in an effort to “sell” them his vision.

There are those who can sell and those who can’t.

Those who can’t sell work for those who can.

It is as simple as that.

Most people shy away from selling because it exposes them to rejection.

The ability to sell is one thing and the ability to overcome the fear / discomfort of rejection is another.

If you could master the two - the world would be your “oyster”.

141. Just a couple of books ...

If you had a strong desire and a loft of confidence, you could read just a couple of books, practice what they teach and develop a life-long, very profitable career out of it.

What I’m describing here does really happen, but it happens rarely.

The reason why it happens rarely is that most of the people lack confidence to do things which are simple and obvious.

Most of the people think that success is COMPLICATED.

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