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60. Hypnotic thoughts about the individuality hypnosis ...

Most of us live in a state characterized by individuality / personality hypnosis.

In this state we greatly overemphasize our personal identity and lack awareness of what we are as the extensions of Life Universal.

As we act in this over-personalized mode, we do fail for the most part simply because no wave can successfully wave outside of the ocean.

Essentially all real / effective therapy is about becoming aware that we are rooted in Something infinitely greater than ourselves.

Speaking in the religious terms, this truth could be expressed by saying that the only real solution to all human problems is in the attainment of awareness of our essential oneness with God.

You see... No wave could be ever troubled regardless of how it waves in the ocean. What could ever happen to water in water.

By becoming a wave in the ocean of Life Universal you attain the highest possible state.

In fact you can't really become a wave because you already are a wave in the ocean of Life.

What this means is that the only thing that you really need is your REAL IDENTITY AWARENESS.

59. Hypnotic thoughts about shameless self-promotion ...

A lot of business owners are burdened with a psychological blockage which does not allow them to promote their services with the necessary intensity.

They behave as if what they have to offer was not really worthy of offering it to the world.

They behave as if they were ashamed of what they do - as if they could not perceive value in their offerings.

I know this dis-ease first hand.

It is a kind of a psychological marvel.

My self-promotional dis-ease used to block my promotional efforts for the first ten years of my hypnotic, professional activity.

I used to be desperate for the feeling of value of what I was doing, and unable to access it in spite of a large amount of the very positive feedback on file.

I used to read, and re-read to myself what people had said about me and my services, and yet, I was unable to hypnotize my mind with the truth of their statements.

I was successful in the field of hypnosis in the world, but failing in it in my own backyard.

What I am sharing with you here is meant to make two things obvious.

The first is that in spite of your talent and ability you may find yourself not really able to use them as the means of your advancement in the external world.

The second is that the art of hypnosis and self hypnosis is not easy, and that frequently your own efforts to self hypnotize yourself into what you need to think, feel and internally experience, may not work as you expect them to.

It took me a decade to arrive at the point of a very comfortable, shameless self-promotion.

Because I know first hand how incredibly difficult it might be for you to start believing in yourself, I am showing you a little bit of my own history and its positive ending.

The ending of self-doubt, and the beginning of shameless self-promotion.

What I have learned from my own experience is that it can be extremely difficult to overcome a psychological blockage which stops people from shameless self-promotion.

If you happen to suffer from this blockage, you are not alone.

Most people do suffer from lack of self-confidence.

Because of the commonality of this dis-ease, you don't have to be ever ashamed of asking for help in order to start behaving shamelessly in your life, in the most positive sense of the word.

Unless you become positively shameless, your will remain negatively ashamed of yourself for the rest of your life.

What I've said above is trivial, and yet, I've said it because it sounds both very scary and positive at the same time.

It may even hypnotize and motivate you to embark upon some sort of action meant to undo your dis-ease of living a shame burdened life.

58. It is essential ...

It is essential for all of us to first find and then cultivate and polish our individual paths.

Unless you find and cultivate your individual path - you will never get to live your OWN INDIVIDUAL LIFE.

You will remain condemned to the vicarious living - sucking the life's excitements from the movie theaters and the TV.

It is very easy to get hooked on the diet of feelings and emotions derived from soap operas and all other substitutes for of the real, intense living.

I don't have a TV.

Movies? Yes, I do watch them on the big screen from time to time.

I love their hypnotic power which for a couple of hours takes me out of the realities of my life.

I use them as a break in the essential flow of the substance of my existence - and never as a substance itself.

57. Once you discover ...

Once you discover what your life is really about, everything will became relatively easy.

It will be easy because you will know what you are supposed to do.

The only problem, which you may still encounter is that in spite of knowing what you are supposed to do, you will keep on neglecting your duty.

56. I realize that ...

I realize that my Random Thoughts which I present here are somewhat repetitious.

In fact, they must be repetitious - coming from the same self hypnotized mind.

The mind which has been self hypnotized into certain ways of perceiving REALITY.

Just because I essentially write about one-and-the-same thing, it obviously takes nothing away from my Random Thoughts value.

The Bible is intensely repetitious itself, and even though its message could be condensed to one or even less than one page, it speaks through hundreds of pages focused on the same theme.

By what I've said above I don't attempt to place my writings in the same league to which the biblical writings belong.

I've used the comparison only to present the principle of necessity and unavoidability of the repetitious presentation of information which pertains to one particular subject.

And of course - what I present here is meant to be HYPNOTIC.

As such, it requires frequent repetition, just as the hypnotic suggestions do.

As I come to the end of this Random Though - I ask myself why I've written what I've written.

Do I really need to justify myself here?

Am I trying to convince my readers that what I present here has value?

Obviously, those who can perceive it do perceive it, and those who can't do not.

It appears to me that this Random Though of mine is rather nonsensical.

It tries to justify and explain something that needs neither justification nor explanation.

In spite of its nonsense I've left it here, just to show that I am prone to be entangled by nonsense just as all of us are.

Temporary entanglement by nonsense is not a problem as long as we can see what is happening right away.

The problem arises only when we remain blind to our idiotic ways of thinking - when we remain blind to our idiotic self hypnosis.

55. Hypnotic thoughts about self hypnosis ...

There is no way that you could ever succeed in any department of your existence without self hypnosis.

All the successful people are using it - whether they are conscious of it or not.

All of them operate on the basis of some very firmly established ideas, beliefs and convictions.

Their minds are firmly established on the solid ground of their mental positions.

They act as if hypnotized into what they believe in.

There is no wavering or doubting in their actions.

They are successful because in one way or another they got themselves hypnotized into what they preach and live by day in and day out.

They know that without their self hypnosis there would be no way for them to succeed in their lives.

54. Hypnotic thoughts about the most highly developed people ...

Even the most highly developed people experience very ugly thoughts and emotions.

They are not different from the majority because they don't have the mental experiences which the majority has.

They are different because they can handle these thoughts and emotions - while the majority can't.

What I have learned about human mental functioning - And I've been studying it for only 25 years now - is that your freedom, just as everybody else's freedom, is not in not having disagreeable mental experiences.

Your freedom is in HOW YOU HANDLE the dark stuff of your mind.

You will never be able to be totally free from psychic negativity.

It will at best visit the space of your mind infrequently.

On the other hand - if you work on it - you may be able to rise above these destructive psychic invasions.

You may be able to learn how to be above them rather than under them.

Whether you like it or not - this is as far as you will ever get in the business of self-liberation.

53. Titanic hypnosis continued ...

It seems to me that what is happening to our global economic situation resembles what happened 100 years ago to the Titanic.

Our global economy hit the iceberg of a ridiculous idea many ears ago.

The idea is that we can keep on expanding our economy forever, mainly via the vehicle of debt.

It seems that the hypnotic trance of this idea is coming to its end as the gradual awakening begins to spread throughout our world.

Greece is already on welfare.

They were woken up from their trance of living on a borrowed money.

And what the world did?

The world lent them more money, so that they could keep on paying off their debt.

Insane - isn't it?

Who's next?

Who will be awakened next and unable to smell the proverbial coffee?

Not only the coffee will not be there. There will be no jobs, no future for the graduating students, no prosperity and NO HYPNOSIS of debt financed living.

The Titanic of our global economy is sinking.

The frightening thing is that there are no lifeboats on board.

52. Hypnotic thoughts about the Titanic hypnosis ...

On the 100th anniversary of the most famous sinking in history, we went to watch the movie Titanic in 3D.

It was a very hypnotic experience.

Up to now - several days later - the vidid images are still on my mind.

Having watched the sinking on the screen in the same time frame as it really happened - couple of hours - I would like to invite you to a guided imagery exercise.

Imagine yourself sitting in one of the lifeboats, looking at the 1500 of others for whom there was no boats to save them, as they scream for help at some distance.

They scream for help but you are not going out there to help them because you know that they will swarm up your boat and sink it in the process.

You know this... But at the same time you know that your loved one is one of them!

Guess - what kind of LIFE HYPNOSIS would this kind of experience have established in your subconscious mind.

51. Everything is hypnosis ...

Everything is hypnosis except for what is not hypnosis.

And what is not hypnosis?

What is not hypnosis is what you are beyond your hypnotizable mind.

Discover what you are beyond your hypnotizable mind, and you will be free from being affected by the negative hypnosis which you've absorbed as a result of being exposed to various negative influences during the course of your life.

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