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50. Continuation...

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In order to not create a "scrolling forever" situation my Hypnotic Thoughts Blog will be continued on another page.

49. Have been away ...

Have been away from my website for quite a looooong time - more than a month! Something very fascinating has entered my life. Something which initially required a lot of time to set up - to organize into a steady daily routine. It is a kind of mind training which has extremely practical application. I'm not ready to say more about it at this time. What I want to say is that having set up my daily training routine, I can go back to writing for my website again. 

48. Hypnotic thoughts about behavioural prescriptions ...

It is really hard to appreciate this... But IF YOU COULD significantly alter your typical, undesirable behavior - let's say, even for one week - just to see what happens, without the stress of any expectations, you might discover something new about yourself and the reality you live in.

I mean... Just altering you behavior for the sake of alteration.

Making this the only goal and having a totally open, exploratory attitude towards whatever happens.

These behavioral prescriptions - especially, when carried out under masterful supervision - can create incredible breakthroughs in otherwise STUCK LIVES.

I'm not theorizing here.

I've seen this happen so many times.

47. About the weather ...

Do you really have to OBEY the weather of your mind?

Do you have to OBEY it, even if it gets really bad?

How do you deal with the atmospheric weather?

Could you apply some of your ability to handle the external weather to the internal weather of your mind? 

46. Hypnotic thoughts about the kittens ...

We have five tiny kittens at home. Born blind - they are just beginning to see. Some of them have only one eye partially open.

When I looked at them yesterday, I realized that what is happening with their eyes resembles our human condition.

The difference between the kittens and their human brothers is that, the furry ones will eventually see, and most of the others will walk the earth blind throughout the whole span of their existence.

Enlightenment is the most serious business of the human life.

Unfortunately, only a few see it as such...

45. Nothing in the world ...

For several days I've had sessions with a young professional who in spite of his great intelligence and education was barely able to meet ends.

Our sessions have been able to create a dramatic shift in his life. 

When he left my office today, the following quotation popped into my mind.

"Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."

Calvin Coolidge

30th president of US (1872 - 1933)

44. Hypnotic thoughts about the psychic energy ...

The psychic energy required to shift a person from an entrenched, negative psychic position to a positive one can be enormous.

Just as the energy required to move a heavy boulder in the physical world can be such that, a few people could do it alone - the psychic energy required to shift a negative state of mind may also require a lot of help.

Various methods are used to help people shift their negative states of mind, but in the end it is all about having enough psychic energy to perform such a maneuver.

A biblical phrase which reflects beautifully what I have written above says that: "The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of Power".

43. Working with depression ...

Yesterday I worked with a person suffering from depression.

Fears are the easiest to resolve, anxiety is more difficult and the depression is the most difficult to heal.

The lady who came to my office yesterday was in such a state of depression that, any attempt to resolve it via hypnotic suggestions would have been just a waste of time.

No logical argument can touch such a state.

The only thing that can touch it is the Divine Mercy of God.

Eckhart Tolle shows how he was healed from depression via an act of Grace in the opening pages of his famous book - The Power of Now.

What happened to him is the only way in which many cases of depression can be resolved.

What happened to Eckhart Tolle was a spontaneous act of Grace.

Healers are in the "business" of evoking such phenomena "on demand".

42. Hypnotic thoughts about tremendous self hypnotic power ...

There is a tremendous self hypnotic, life-changing power in various fragments of books, video and audio recordings. 

I remember, more than 20 years ago, before I started my Toronto Hypnosis Practice, I had read the following couple of sentences from a book entitled The Happiest People On Earth:

"I believe God has a particular gift for each of His servants, some special ability we are to use for His Kingdom.

I believe if we find that gift and use it, we will be the happiest people on earth. And if we miss it, no matter how many excellent things we do, we will be utterly miserable”.

These few sentences fell on a very fertile ground. It was the time of my awakening to the necessity of finding a mission in my life.

The above quoted sentences raised my vaguely felt need to find something meaningful to do in my life, to the level of intense heat of desire.

I saw with great clarity that if I could not find that special something, I would end up utterly miserable.

This thought became a dominant thought of my life. It took a complete possession of my mind and governed most of my meaningful actions.

Just think about it - a few sentences in a book, affecting my mindset for several years!

The above "random thought" is a fragment of an already existing page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website.

I am repeating it here because it shows something incredibly powerful, and also because hypnotic suggestions need to be repeated.

This whole website is full of hypnotic suggestions...

41. Are you one of them?

There are a lot of people out there who think that they really want something but can never get it.

Their problem is that, what they think they want - they want only on the superficial, conscious level of their minds.

Deep down, on the subconscious level they want something else.

And guess what? 

Their subconscious minds always win, which means that on the conscious level they continue to lose.

Are you one of them?

40. When your field of consciousness ...

When your field of consciousness - lacking a particular kind of psychic energy - merges with the field of consciousness in which this energy is present, you will absorb at least some of the psychic energy that you need.

In a good hypnotic session, which allows for such a merger of the fields of consciousness to develop, words are a mere decoration.

39. How to be free ...

The phrase / keyword "how to be free" is one of the most searched keywords on the Internet.

People type "how to be free" into the search windows of their Internet browsers 755,000,000 times per month.

By comparison, the keyword "how to be happy" is searched only 45,000,000 times per month.

"How to fall in love" is searched only 2,200,000 times... 

Have you been aware that freedom is what you want more than anything else?

If not, think about it because when you come to see what it is that you really want more than anything else, it may be possible for you to get it.

Clarity of vision has an incredible power.

The only questions are: Are you really ready to be free? Are you willing to pay the price?

38. At almost 56 ...

At almost 56, I don't really care about achieving anything anymore. What has replaced my drive towards achievement is a sense of duty to do what I have to do.

How do I know what I have to do?

I know it because I've learned how to listen to the promptings of inspiration.

When you chop the word inspiration into three pieces you will end up with in-spira-tion.

This chopped version of the word inspirationshows that it means to be in-the-spirit... To follow the spirit's guidance.

This mode of operation is so different from the ego-driven chase after achievements.

It is free from concern about how things are going to turn out.

It is soooo liberating...

37. Hypnotic thoughts about the Divine jokes ...

One of the greatest Divine jokes arises when God gives and artist a great talent which is not recognized during his or her life.

Vincent van Gogh said: "I cannot help if my paintings do not sell. But the time will come when people realize that they are worth more than the cost of the paint."

He sold only one of his 900 paintings for an equivalent of five dollars.

Has God been joking with you recently?

Perhaps your whole life appears to you as one great Divine joke.

An interesting thing is that, van Gogh never stopped painting in spite of the lack of financial gratification.

Would you be able to do that?

36. Asking a question ...

A lot of people are tormented by the question: What do I really want to do in life?

This not knowing what to do is quite common.

Asking a question: What do I really want? - is not very effective.

An infinitely more effective questions are: Where my energy really is? What is the real energy that drives my actions? 

35. Where your real energy is ...

Nobody expects a car to "succeed" - meaning, to drive from point A to point B, without the energy of gasoline which makes it move.

You operate on the same principle.

Perhaps, you haven't realized yet, where your energy is.

34. Hypnotic thoughts about the greatest energy ...

The greatest energy that you can ever access - apart from the energy of love - is in points of view, beliefs and ideas.

People do get energized by ideas to the point that, they live for them, and sometimes are even willing to die for them.

A few months ago, an incredibly powerful, and tremendously energizing idea / vision was revealed to me.

It made a great difference in my life, in terms of energizing me and enabling me to act in one of the areas of my life, in which the necessary action was lacking.

This idea / vision, works on me like hypnosis.

I actually self-hypnotize myself with it on a daily basis.

It takes only 15 seconds. 

Each time I perform my little ritual of self hypnosis, I’m amazed by the ongoing freshness of this idea / vision. 

It doesn’t lose its power to energize me. It doesn’t fade away. It’s as sharp today as it was several months ago - when it appeared on the screen of my mind for the first time 

What an amazing power hides in something so utterly simple!

33. The only thing ...

The only thing that is not allowing you to achieve the goals you desire is the lack of energy behind your desire.

In other words, your desire is not really a desire.

Your are only kidding yourself with your thinking that you desire what you think you desire.

There is something else, hidden in your subconscious that you really want - even if consciously, you don’t think that you want it.

And what are you going to do about this state of affairs?

32. Some time ago ...

Some time ago I came upon a very simple, and yet, not so obvious realization. I realized that, when I was eating a piece of - even the most delicious chocolate - while reading an interesting book, I would totally waste the experience of the delight of eating chocolate.

The book would take a complete possession of my attention, and nothing would be left for the chocolate.

There are a lot of chocolate-like things in your life - things, which you’ve never really tasted...

Would you agree with that?

31. Do you know ...

Do you know what is the most important thing in your life?

Your mode of being!

Your everyday mode of being. Not the way you are during your holidays, but your everyday mode of being.

Buy the way... What is your everyday mode of being?

30. I'm finding in myself today ...

I’m finding in myself today Something that does not need to achieve anything. 

Something that is happy to just be. 

Something that is O.K. regardless of the circumstances.

It seems that the mind does cover it up most of the times, throwing me into all sorts of thinking, which totally obscure that Something.

Whenever I become aware of that Something, all my attempts to achieve various goals in this earthly dimension come to a very peaceful halt.

I can still do things, but all the tension of having to achieve this or that is gone.

The freedom of being, which that Something brings, pushes against the walls of the concerned mind.

It pierces through the walls of concern, and the illusions of having to deliver some sort of expected of me performance.

29. Hypnotic thoughts about sinking into the Cloud of Unknowing.

Recently, I experience more and more often something that I can best describe by calling it: Sinking into the Cloud of Unknowing.

It is a psycho-spiritual phenomenon, which removes me from the semantic structures of the world, and shifts my consciousness into a state of simple thought-free being.

This state comes upon me spontaneously.

It is so incredibly wonderful to be able to make these exits from the tense and demanding realities of the world - always ready to possess your consciousness and keep it under their control.

Sinking into the Cloud of Unknowing happens when you temporarily "lose" your KNOWINGS.

It is a surrender of all mental structures of KNOWING this, KNOWING that...

It is about being emptied of KNOWING.

I realize - it may be utterly frightening.

It is like a temporary loss of your knowing and thinking mind.

On the other hand, I also realize that many people crave that state, and attain it via the influence of alcohol and drugs.

To be constantly in the semantic grip of realities of this world is more than many people can handle.

It is such a blessing to be spontaneously released from them from time to time.

28. "Pool of God"

I woke up today with the feeling of perfect maintenance...

Being maintained perfectly by immersion in the totally secure "Pool of God".

Thus is the hypnotic gift of today. It allows my mind to rest in the hypnosis of a Great Idea. The idea of perfect security in God. 

I realize, I've always been there... I can only give thanks.

The phrase "Pool of God" may seem funny, however this is what spontaneously arose from my subconscious. 

I trust my subconscious wisdom - ultimately, the Kingdom of God Within is the deepest layer of our subconscious reality.

27. Hypnotic thoughts about our beliefs ...

You must perceive hypnosis not as something separate from your mental life.

Hypnosis IS your mental life.

All your beliefs are forms of hypnosis. Your whole reality is really a hypnotic reality. Make sure it works for your rather than against you.

Your positive, empowering you beliefs are very precious. They are your ABSOLUTE HYPNOTIC NECESSITY.

26. Adopt a name?

It occurred to me, not too long ago that, it would be a good idea to adopt a name that would work on my mind as a powerful form of hypnosis. 

A name like that would instantly ground me in my most powerful qualities the moment someone would call me.

Wouldn't you benefit from hearing over and over again: "most talented writer", "the best mother", "great doctor", "powerful speaker"...

This is what most of us lacked terribly as kids. The people around us didn't know what they were doing to us by saying things like: "this is too difficult for you", "you can't do this", "you are not strong enough"...

They didn't know, they were hypnotizing us into our dis-abilities.

We can only forgive them - following the words of the GREAT MASTER: "Father forgive them - they don't know what they are doing".

25. Your state of mind ...

Everything, absolutely everything is a function of your state of mind.

If you could truly appreciate the above statement. Your would know that your state of mind is your most precious possession.

A powerful, positive state of mind is your HYPNOTIC NECESSITY.

Don't leave your home without it!

24. Can you imagine...

Can you imagine... You go into a particular state of mind... A little bit of self hypnosis, and you can walk on fire! 

Thousands of people have experienced this incredible, hypnotic shift of reality.

Yes, a fire burns human flesh - but only under certain circumstances.

Hypnotize yourself into a state of mind, which will allow you to safely walk through all kinds of fires of your life. This is a reality!

23. Your game of chess ...

There is always the best move to be made in the game of chess.

The same holds true in regards to the chess-board of your life.

What is the best move to be made now? Your subconscious mind knows!

If you experience difficulties in your life - it is only because you are cut off from your own subconscious mind. 

In the depth of your subconscious your Ultimate Wisdom lives. The Kingdom of God is within you.

22. Don't ever underestimate ...

Don't ever underestimate the power of ideas that you hold in your subconscious mind. They are your self hypnosis.

How powerful your ideas really are? 

Do you know how many people have died because of the ideas which Hitler had in his mind?

Do you know how incredibly hypnotic were his speeches?

For the better or worse - day in and day out - you make speeches to yourself in your own subconscious mind.

Make sure you are not Hitler unto yourself, and unto your dearest people around you!

21. Hypnotic thoughts about stage hypnosis

Hypnotists hypnotize people on the stage of entertainment.

Parents hypnotize their kids on the stage of life.

In most cases, the parental hypnosis in not really fun-hypnosis.

However, no matter how painful it might be - you have the power to make fun out of it. Ultimately it is just hypnosis.

20. Self hypnosis club ...

Self Hypnosis Club membership is not optional!

We all belong to one huge, world-wide Self Hypnosis Club.

Only a few of us really benefit from being the members - because only a few of us know about belonging to the Self Hypnosis Club.

Your world-wide Self Hypnosis Club offers tremendous benefits in all areas of life, to all who know that, they are the members, and how to use their unavoidable membership to their advantage.

Do you know how to do that?

19. A glass ...

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Do you realize what makes the difference?

What makes the difference is deep within you. It hides in your subconscious mind.

18. Hypnotic thoughts about thinking about thinking.

As human, you are the only living creature on Earth, that has the ability to think about its own thinking.

Your ability to think about your own thinking is what saves you from being imprisoned in your own thoughts.

Do you realize what I've just said here?

I've said that, your freedom is just a thought away... A thought about your own tormenting you thought...

Could you argue with that?

17. The shortest hypnosis training in the world ...

How do you hypnotize people?

You say to a person: "You are sitting in a chair" - and she, in her mind has no choice, but to agree.

You say to her: "Your body is in contact with the surface of the chair you are sitting in" - and in her mind, she says to herself "yes".

You just have to create enough "yes-es" in her mind, and then you tell her, "You are in a state of hypnosis now" - and what is she going to say to this in her mind?

Out of being habituated into her "yes-es", she will agree with you too!

It is very easy to hypnotize people. It is very difficult to utilize hypnosis to create the changes that they desire.

16. As you think so you are.

The ancient biblical proverb says: "As you think so you are".

Because 2000 years ago, they didn't know anything about the subconscious mind, this proverb is not quite accurate.

The accurate version of it is: "As you think in your subconscious mind, so you are, and so your whole life is".

Yes, I advise you to take care of your subconscious mind. 

What your conscious mind does, doesn't really matter! Every failed dieter knows that!

15. Hypnotic thoughts about the evolution of consciousness.

Hypnosis can be used, and must be used as the agent of the evolution of consciousness. It must be used to center the consciousness on God.

A God-centered-consciousness gradually evolves - away from the ego-self consciousness and towards the Spirit-self consciousness.

Any problem, any issue, any difficulty is ultimately a difficulty of ego-consciousness.

Keep on evolving your consciousness towards Christ Consciousness, and you will experience more and more healing, freedom and real prosperity in your life.

Keep on evolving your consciousness till you become pure Love in action.

14. My goal in life ...

What is my goal in life?

Nothing less than total success. And that means aligning myself with the Flow of Reality.

If I'm in harmony with the Flow of Reality, If I am not fighting its current, how could I ever fail...

The Will of God is like a current of a river. Surrender to It, and It will take you where you are meant to be.

What does hypnosis have to do with that? Hypnosis is my mental position, which enables me to keep my direction steady.

13. The power of hypnosis ...

How powerful is hypnosis?

Think of a fire in a way that renders it harmless and it will not burn you!

Thousands of people have successfully walked on fire.

This is how powerful hypnosis is - but the Spiritual power is infinitely higher than the power of your hypnotic mind.

If you could walk in God - you wouldn't need hypnosis.

The power of hypnosis creates "real" illusions of reality - God IS REALITY.

12. How can you...

How you can avoid failure in life?

You cannot fail at the work that the Spirit wants you to do.

11. Hypnotic thoughts about the power of self hypnosis.

Your whole power is in the power of your Spiritual connection.

Any specialized device, any machine works only when plugged into the source of power. You are no different. 

First you must know what your specialty is, and then you must connect yourself to the source of your power.

There is no other way to manifest the reality you are meant create!

All of this entails a very strong and congruent mental position.

Both your conscious and your subconscious minds must want the same thing to happen.

How do you achieve such inner unity?

How do you become an engine of manifestation?

Self hypnosis can help your with that.

10. Manifestation ...

How do you create the reality you want?

You create it by following the eternal principle of prayer.

You believe that you already heave it.

The difficulty is that, you must believe it also with your subconscious mind. This is where most people fail in the business of manifestation.

How do you establish your subconscious faith? You establish it through self hypnosis.

9. If you could only ...

If you could only know with absolute conviction, with absolute agreement between you conscious and your subconscious mind, what it is that you really want in life - and if you could connect that united desire to the Divine Power of Manifestation, you would achieve your dream.

Self hypnosis provides the necessary state of mind for any dream to become a reality.

8. You are in the business of ...

You are in the business of manifestation, day in and day out.

The Divine Work of creation never stops. 

Your uniqueness is in that you can have a conscious part in the business of the Divine Creation. Your dog can't do that.

You either become consciously and subconsciously focused co-creator with God, or else the winds of circumstance will blow you haphazardly all over the place.

You can either focus your energies on achieving something or pointlessly scatter yourself and achieving nothing.

Your necessary focus comes through self hypnosis.

7. You want freedom?

You want freedom from fear, anxiety and depression?

That is no different in principle from wanting financial freedom or any other form of success and prosperity.

In principle all of them can happen only through the power of the Divine Manifestation - and you must become an active agent in their creation.

Whether it is your health, prosperity or personal change - all of them must be created following the same eternal laws of creation.

I can help you with this only because, I do believe in the Power of the Divine Creativity to respond to a consciously and subconsciously united desire.

6. Give and take ...

There is a give and take that goes on eternally between your consciousness and the Divine Reality.

What are you giving?

What are you taking?

Are you O.K. with that?

5. Hypnotic thoughts about self hypnosis

Self hypnosis is the art of congruent conscious and subconscious believing.

Show me anyone who says, he doesn't need self hypnosis, and I will show you someone who doesn't understand the eternal principles of prayer and creative manifestation.

4. Self hypnosis ...

You don't self hypnotize yourself into believing in God - and yet you do. 

This is not a fake creation. Through self hypnosis you simply establish in your mind what is already there in Reality.

Your daily prayer is a form of self hypnosis - it establishes your mind in the Divine Reality of God.

3. Self hypnosis ...

Through self hypnosis I simply help you to enter the reality you desire. Just as a fire walk is impossible without entering the reality of a non-burning fire, it is not possible to achieve anything in life without first entering the reality of that achievement.

And before it can happen in the world around your it must first happen inside of your mind.

2. Inspiration ...

Like in everyone else there is a powerful Divine Creative Drive hidden within you. It wants you to be what you are meant to be. Another name for it is your Divine Inspiration.

Enter your in-Spira-tion, and you will find yourself living and acting in The Spirit. How could you ever fail to fulfill your destiny, while riding the wave of your own meant to be Creative Manifestation.

How do you find and connect with your Divine Inspiration?

You find it by self hypnotically focusing on its Reality.

1. Would you prefer ...

Would you prefer to be hypnotized "scientifically", or in accordance with your deep spiritual needs.

There are those, who advertise "scientific hypnosis", but the science doesn't even know what your mind is.

How could the science know what hypnosis is - merely something which happens in the mind - if it doesn't really know much about the mind itself.

My advice - stay away from scientific delusions.

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