“thank you letter”

She couldn’t show her face
She couldn’t sign in her real name
But she COULD write and here is her letter

Dear Dr. Orlowski,

I don’t know how to write a “thank you letter”.
The ones I’ve seen are thanking for the provision of goods and services.

But I can’t think of your approach to hypnotherapy as “a service”; rather what you do is parting wisdom and guiding one to embrace life as a journey to the unknown but ultimate. I think of our sessions as mysterious but healing moments steered by that ultimate.

I came to you tired of questions without answers, beaten by a sense of failure at all I’ve started, confused by critics, overwhelmed by loss, and dragging a heavy body rattled by the shocks and transformations of menopause.

From the heights of hope, faith and dreaming, I had reached a place where all felt like endless endings and undesired beginnings.

I went to places I dreaded, met people I did not like and read books I did not understand why they were written. I came to you seeking to know differently.

The mystery of hypnotherapy and an unconventional website (yours that is) promised that. You gave me more than that promise.

Thank you for connecting me to that ultimate and for showing me a path to calm, content, hope and desire. And thank you for being there for me as I work hard to stay the course.

What you dispense are not services but wisdom and a philosophical paradigm where life and death, pain and joy, loss and gain and here and there blur and intersect. I really like the view from that intersection!


P.S. Whatever you do with these words, I cannot sign in my real name or attach my picture. If I do, I will never find work in this or other towns! Such are the realities of academia.

Even some student checking out a class, may go on line to check me, the teacher. Some social idiot may render me “undesirable” for having “mental health issues” and resorting to hypnosis. Secretly, that student or colleague may contact you.

Cheers, M.

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