Custom Made Hypnosis CDs

Custom made hypnosis CDs can serve as a substitute of, or an adjunct to, hypnosis sessions. Over the years I've created many custom designed CDs, addressing a great variety of issues. It is an art to produce hypnotic CDs. I greatly enjoy the process of their creation.

Custom made hypnotic CDs utilize your unique personal life experience, your inner strengths and potentials. All the information that is necessary to create a life-changing CDs is obtained during a detailed interview, in person or over-the-phone.

The entire process of creation of custom made recordings includes an interview, script writing and script recording. For me, it is never a cold, disinterested, commercially-oriented act. My Custom made CDs are always recorded with great hypnotic intensity. They are truly unique pieces of mind-healing art.

My CDs convey not only the needed hypnotic suggestions; they are also a source of powerful energetic influence. The energy that the CDs transmit to your system comes from the focused healing intention which I hold in my consciousness through the entirety of the production process.


My first custom designed hypnotic audio recording was produced in 1997. Here is what the recipient David MacMunn says about the tape he received:

David McMunn

“The recording was very helpful and resonated with me so well that I have listened to it daily over and over again. It was a high quality tape, but I’ve listened to it so often that, eventually, the cassette wore out.” David MacMunn

Over the years, Dr. Alexander Mostovoy has referred a number of patients to me for the production of custom-designed hypno-energetic audio recordings. Here is what he says:

Alex Mostovoy

“The patients who had the custom made hypnosis CDs created for them reported to me many great benefits which they received. I am convinced that in some cases the recordings were critical to their recovery.” Dr. Mostovoy

Alexander Mostovoy is a Homeopathic Doctor with a busy practice in Toronto specializing in women’s health issues. He is a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer and the Director of Thermography Clinic Inc.

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