Hypnosis versus the spiritual liberation

If there is a solution to the horrors of this world it must lie outside of this world.

I say this because this world cannot ever offer a solution to the realities similar to the one pictured below.

Corpses in Auschwitz

I mean - there is nothing in this world that could undo / justify / rectify / pacify / neutralize the realities similar to the one pictured above.

These realities cannot be amended via hypnosis.

These realities cannot be made "better" via the hypnotic process of the establishment of some "better" ways of thinking.

There is simply no "better" way of thinking about them.

As Theodor Adorno said - there is "no poetry after Auschwitz".

Perhaps the only purpose of the existence of these realities is to FORCE us out of this world, and into some HEAVENLY reality of out-of-this-world spiritual existence.

As we face these realities we face the absolute NECESSITY of our SPIRITUAL LIBERATION.

I say "absolute NECESSITY" because unless we are liberated from the hypnotically unsolvable mental burden of these realities, we are going to be stuck in the HELL of confusion / pain / torment / anger / fear / hate / anxiety / resentment... which these realities inevitably engender. 

Adorno's statement: "no poetry after Auschwitz" is synonymous with my statement: "we must look beyond hypnosis in order to realize our ultimate liberation".


What I have said above does not mean that I turn my back on hypnosis.

I neither turn my back on hypnosis nor deny its great mind healing ability.

My experience has taught me that hypnosis can be used - and in some cases must be used - as a door to the SPIRITUAL HEALING which happens beyond hypnosis.

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