The Hypnosis of Sin

How the ego-self hypnosis can force you into the HELL of suffering from the repeated failure in all departments of life

Even though it is not immediately obvious, the image of the Yoga mat fits perfectly into the theme of this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website

If you want to be successful - you will have to work towards your success in the realm of the UNIVERSAL REALITY in which you live.

There is no other place, no other environment in which you can achieve what you want to achieve except the realm of the UNIVERSAL REALITY.

And it is rather obvious that in this realm you can succeed ONLY if you proceed accordingly to the LAWS of SUCCESS that operate in it.

So first of all, before you even attempt anything, you must become very clear about what these laws are.

You must become aware of WHAT THE UNIVERSAL TAO is really about because it is rather useless to try to swim against the current of the mighty river of life.

In other words, you must enter into a relationship with God. You must get in TUNE with GOD and harmonize the music which you are making with the rhythm of the GRAND SYMPHONY of LIFE.

Being out of tune with that symphony is what the SIN is about.

The meaning of the word “sin” is to miss the mark.

Sin may be related to some form of the moral transgression but it is essentially about being a FAILURE - failure in all departments of life.

A sinner attempts to succeed by trying to swim against the current of the UNIVERSAL REALITY and ends up in the HELL of FAILURE.

Salvation is essentially about SUCCESS. It is about the successful arrival into the realm of the HEAVENLY FULFILLMENT of the wishes and desires which harmonize withe the WILL of GOD.

Your TRUE power arises only when you begin to repeat after Jesus: “YOUR WILL BE DONE”. There in nothing religious about it. Whoever lives accordingly to this most basic law of success is basically aligning himself with the UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT of REALITY - THE WILL OF GOD.

And how could you ever fail if you have the whole UNIVERSE on your side?

The greatest force that works against your success is the sinful force of your ego-self hypnosis

Your ego-self, just like everybody else’s ego-self is hypnotized into following its own sinful agenda.

It is diseased to the bone by the virus of the self-aggrandizement hypnosis. It suffers from the hypnosis of believing in its own self-sufficiency.

In most cases it is only some great failure in life, some business disaster, or some serious health-related problem that forces people into breaking away from the bondage of their ego-self hypnosis.

Whatever form that disaster takes it always shows the victim of the ego-self hypnosis that he CAN’T extract himself from his predicament via the efforts of his own ego-self-power.

It opens his eyes to the necessity of unhypnotizing himself from his hellish ego-self hypnosis and allows him for the first time to start relating to SOMETHING greater than his own negative-hypnosis-plagued ego-self.

This SOMETHING has many names. One of the most popular of these names is the word God.

And finally we've arrived at the point of the Yoga mat

I’ve recently recommended several books about how to succeed in business to one of my students.

After reading these books she bought herself a Yoga mat.

I’m not sure whether or not she knows the meaning of the word Yoga.

I don’t know whether or not she realizes where all these books are taking her.

All I know is that they are pointing her into the right direction because the meaning of Yoga is THE EXPERIENTIAL UNION WITH GOD.

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