Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Toronto
How to lose weight in the most difficult and painful way

Hypnosis for weight loss in Toronto - Introduction

Recently, I have come across a supposedly successful (???) weight loss story, which serves as a superb example of how to lose weight in the most painful and difficult way. It is a story of a writer, and a blogger who came to the point of the absolute-weight-loss-necessity. 

Having had reached the weight of more than 400 pounds, he came to the point at which his life had become endangered. Realizing his “to be, or not to be” reality, he embarked on the weight loss regimen, which, as he himself describes it, had been a journey through hell.

It still remains to be seen, whether or not, the utter physical and psychological torment through which he had put himself, will actually earn him - not just a temporary loss of his hugely excessive weight - but a reality of the successful weight maintenance.

Statistically speaking, most of the overweight people can lose weight, just by consciously deciding to do so. On the other hand, most of those who manage to lose weight, solely via their conscious will efforts, gain it all back within a couple of years.

What you are reading now, are my comments on one man’s absolutely brutal weight-loss-story, and not his story itself. 

At the bottom of this page I provided links to the segments in which this man has described his painful, conscious-will-power-driven, weight-loss-experiences in his own words. 

The way in which he has chosen to get rid of his excessive weight serves as a general prescription for making yourself utterly miserable in the process of trying to achieve anything in your life. 

It is a lesson definitely worth learning. Whatever you gain from it - one thing is assured. The pain-ridden, weight-loss-story, which I present here can teach you the exquisite art of creating all kinds of torment-engendering experiences, as you move thorough the timeline of your life.

In case you haven’t already mastered this art, I’m sure you will find this presentation to have a great educational value.   

Hypnosis for weight loss in Toronto - What does the contemporary neuroscience say about the human conscious-will-efforts, exerted towards the achievement of the variety of goals

The most painful and difficult way to accomplish anything is the way which totally disregards the reality of your subconscious mind.

As the contemporary neuroscience shows - for the better or worse - we are all subconsciously conditioned, and follow our subconscious conditionings in an automatic pilot fashion.

Whoever attempts to lose weight - or achieve anything in his life - disregarding the power of his subconscious mind, engages himself in a difficult and painful battle with the opposing him subconscious forces.

Hypnosis for weight loss in Toronto - What happens when you try to lose weight through your conscious will power alone 

The following image can serve as a metaphor for what happens during the process of trying to lose weight, and disregarding the power of your subconscious mind at the same time.

What opposes you, as you try to lose weight is obviously not your conscious mind. Consciously, you want to lose weight. What opposes you is your subconscious mind.

Trying to consciously overcome your subconscious works like trying to keep the above shown coil bent permanently by making a steady effort to keep it there.

It is rather obvious that no matter how much force you are using to keep the coil bent, very soon, your efforts end up in the inevitable failure, and the coil assumes its original straight shape.

Hypnosis for weight loss in Toronto - How to lose weight in the most painful and difficult way 

The following links will take you to the sequential segments of one man’s story about how he embarked on his weight-loss-journey through the power of his conscious mind alone.

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Conscious-will-power weight-loss-struggles 2

Conscious-will-power weight-loss-struggles 3

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