Healing Anxiety

Healing anxiety is basically about healing your relationship with Reality.

Your relationship with Reality is synonymous with your relationship with God.

We could also - instead of using words like God and Reality - speak about your relationship with what Is.

What Is, simply Is and It unfolds as It unfolds, totally outside of your personal control.

Healing anxiety, as I practice it at my Toronto Anxiety Clinic, by necessity involves learning how to surrender to the Divine unfoldment of events in your life.

Healing anxiety, regardless of methodology must result in your new understanding and acceptance of how the Universe works.

As Eckhart Tolle writes in his little book entitled Stillness Speaks:

”There is an interconnectedness of all things: Buddhists have always known it, and physicists now confirm it.

Nothing that happens is an isolated event; it only appears to be. The more we judge and label it, the more we isolate it.

The wholeness of life becomes fragmented through our thinking. Yet the totality of life has brought this event about. It is part of the web of interconnectedness that is the cosmos.

This means: whatever is could not be otherwise.

In most cases, we cannot begin to understand what role a seemingly senseless event may have within the totality of the cosmos, but recognizing its inevitability within the vastness of the whole can be the beginning of an inner acceptance of what is and thus a realignment with the wholeness of life”.

Healing anxiety is about coming to peace with the fact that the unfoldment of your life is not under your personal control.

Trying to control what happens in your life, is the surest way to end up either anxious or depressed.

Controlling attitude to life must create anxiety, simply because, even if for some time it appears that you can control what happens, sooner or later, you are faced with something totally outside of your control and it frightens you.

Facing your personal inability to control the events of your life can be also extremely depressing. It can render you helpless and hopeless.

The process of healing your anxiety at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, will result in a total remaking of your old, anxious and perhaps also depressed personality.

There is simply no way that healing of your anxiety could ever be accomplished without you entering a higher level of consciousness, on which, what used to torment you before, can torment you no more.

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