Gambling Hypnosis

desperate man

Gambling hypnosis is a state of mind in which a person engages into gambling as if he or she were hypnotized. All our problems are a form of negative live hypnosis, or else they wouldn't be problems. For better or worse hypnosis always works in our lives.

There is no problem with gambling, unless it turns into a gambling hypnosis. Like any other form of negative life hypnosis, gambling hypnosis is your way to cover up some form of pain. It is an attempt to escape from pain, to move away from it, so that there is no need to face it. This strategy does work short term, but in the long run, it creates even more pain that adds up to the original pain, which the strategy was meant to cover.

You can’t deal successfully with an addiction per se because it is never a primary problem. You must deal with the pain that the addiction attempts to cover up and when you overcome it, there will be no more addiction to deal with – when the foundation is removed, the building simply collapses.

My hypnosis for gambling has been very successful. Most cases have been resolved in less than 6 sessions.

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