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Undoing Fear of Rejection

- Testimonial -

Jane Moris

I phoned the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic because, I couldn’t afford to experience this terrible fear of rejection, which used to dramatically lower my effectiveness in the area of direct sales business, in which I was desperately trying to succeed.

I thought, the cause of my fear of rejection would have to be located before any improvement could be achieved.

Dr. Orlowski told me that finding out the cause of my fear of rejection was not necessarily the only way to go.

He suggested that in my case, it might be much more useful to work on eliminating my fear of rejection through retraining my habitual way of perceiving things.

In the course of our work at the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, I discovered that I really could learn to give a totally different meaning to things which used to overwhelm and paralyze me in the past.

I realized that, it was not the outside world, and what happened in it that mattered.

The only thing of consequence was my personal attitude towards the events of my life.

It had never occurred to me before that, I could choose how to think about something.

I used to take my thinking processes for granted, as if they were always spontaneously happening to me, and thought that, I could not have any influence or control over them.

Today I know better.

I know that, I can be in the driver’s seat, and decide what and how I am going to think about something.

The freedom which this new found ability brought into my life is, indeed, truly exhilarating.

During to process of overcoming my fear of rejection, in addition to the hypnosis sessions with Dr. Orlowski, at the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, I used a Custom Hypnosis CD, which he designed specifically for me in order to help me conquer my problem.

Jane Moris

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