Walter Orlowski
Toronto Hypnosis Clinic
Undoing Fear of Public Speaking
- Testimonial -

Jane Brown

I had to make a presentation before a group of doctors, nurses and other medical employees of a large hospital – something I was terribly afraid of doing.

A mere thought of what I had to do was enough to send waves of fear of public speaking through my mind and my body.

I phoned the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic and asked for help.

The first stage of the training designed to undo my fear of public speaking, involved making the whole presentation in front of Dr. Orlowski, who played the role of my audience.

This part was done in a “normal “ state of consciousness.

Dr. Orlowski constantly interrupted me, made noises, laughed at me, and sometimes even ridiculed me.

I was instructed to carry on in spite of all the distractions and feelings of uneasiness.

We went over it until all my discomfort was gone.

The second stage took place in a dream-like state of consciousness, in which I was asked to go through my presentation, imagining the actual audience in front of me.

Various suggestions were offered to me as to the behavior of the audience and the way I was perceiving it.

When the time of the actual event came, I was ready to go through it without fear of public speaking.

I had already been through it so many times under very difficult circumstances, during our virtual reality training that, the actual, “real reality” could scare me no more.

Everything went well far beyond my expectations.

I realized that my mind really didn’t know the difference between succeeding in a dream and succeeding in real life.

I saw that I could learn to dream my life and live my dreams fearlessly!

Jane Brown

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