On The Primacy of
Fear and Anxiety
In Your Life

Show me your problem and I will show you how it originates from your fear or anxiety

feeding sparrows

I'm standing in front of the Louvre in Paris feeding the sparrows. This is the only place in which I have seen the FEARLESS sparrows. For some reason, the sparrows in front of the Louvre in Paris are not AFRAID to feed straight from your hand. And because they were able to overcome their fear they will never be hungry again.

Conquer Your Fear
Dissolve Your Anxiety
And You Shall
Never Hunger For Anything
In Your Life

After working with human minds for more than two decades, I can authoritatively tell you that, the greatest human problems, the most prevalent ones are fear and anxiety.

I can actually say more than that.

I can tell you that, there is no other problem out there except fear and anxiety.

Even though this may not be obvious to you, the fact is that, all human problems originate from fear and its undefined form called anxiety.

Let’s take a look at anger for example.

A mere superficial look at anger does not necessarily reveal its fear-based roots.

But let’s consider the following train of thought:

For you to get angry about something, you must first get into a feeling that something is “not right” in your life.

And why would you have a problem with something that is “not right”?

You could have a problem with it only because, you fear that, it is going to cause some kind of loss in your life.

If there is no fear of loss, there is no problem in your life!

No loss = No fear = No problem!!!

Have you ever thought that it could be that simple?

And because, every form of loss is like a little bit of death, every form of fear - being only a reaction to a potential loss of something that you deem important in your life - is at bottom related to your fear of death.

It is that simple!

Your fear of death gives rise to all of your other fears, and all of your perceived “problems” in life.

And if you say that you don't fear death - that you only fear suffering in life - I will equate your fear of suffering with your fear of death of your happiness...

Whatever you say that you fear, is ultimately reducible to your fear of loss.

In other words, to experience fear or anxiety you must be afraid that you will lose something - that something will die in your life.

What problem could you ever have if you had no fear or anxiety in your life?

If you really think about it, you will realize that, except for fear and anxiety there are no other problems in your life.

What I’m saying here about the primacy of fear and anxiety in your life, finds its confirmation in many biblical verses.

It is interesting that Jesus does not speak of many different problems, which humans can potentially experience in life.

He basically limits himself to saying “FEAR NOT”.

He tells the people to not worry.

He does that because, he knows that all human problems have their origin in fear and anxiety.

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