A Not So Famous Hypnotist ?? Presents His Birth-day Impressions On The Nature of The Reality We Live In

Looking back

with a little smile on my face, not taking things too seriously anymore

April 2015

The not so famous hypnotist’s introduction

Today marks my entry into the ?? year of my life. I have turned ??, and would like to take a look back and see what I’ve learned about life. What follows is a list of my seemingly most important insights and understandings.

I'm planning to add to this list, or subtract from it, every year, on the day of my birth-day, according to how my understanding of the reality-we-live-in evolves. 

The not so famous hypnotist speaks about the free will

The passengers of the planes - obviously - do not consciously will the events like the one pictured above

First of all, I would like to say that what I’ve seen and experienced during the past ?? years, has showed me  that the human, personal, conscious will plays very little part in the actual shaping of anyone’s individual life.

Five years ago, on my birthday the entire Polish government was wiped out as a result of a plane crash which happened in Russia.

I don’t think that the victims of this tragic event had consciously willed it to happen in any way - I’m sure, they all had very different plans for life.

The not so famous hypnotist speaks about the “agreement of the souls"

There are people out there - and some of them quite well known, like for example Gary Zukav, the author of the best-seller entitled The Seat of The Soul, who claim that before the incarnation, a human soul enters into an agreement with other souls, as to how they are going to play the drama of their physical life.

The further part of this claim is that these agreements are done for the purpose of each individual soul’s evolution / purification.

I personally consider these ideas to be a bunch of crap.

The not so famous hypnotist says a few more words  about the “agreement of the souls”

The infamous gate of the Auschwitz concentration camp

The idea (delusion) of the “agreement of the souls” means that the prisoners of Auschwitz went through their earthly ordeal in order to be purified on their non-physical soul-level. 

Well, if this so, their German oppressors didn’t seem to earn much of the purification for themselves, as they processed the prisoner's bodies through the death factories of the concentration camps.

The not so famous hypnotist says a few more words  about the free will, and the so-called "power of now"

What you think, you consciously will to happen, at any point of time is NEVER something that arises JUST at that moment, in a way that is independent of your subconscious conditionings, which you've acquired during your life time.

In other words - there is NO such thing as a conscious, independent act of free will. Whatever you can will NOW is totally determined (read - ENSLAVED) by your past subconscious conditionings.

What follows from the above stated unquestionable truth is this: Since every act of the so-called free will is totally ENSLAVED by the past - there is NO such thing as FREE WILL, in the sense of it being something that you could generate NOW in a pure, unstained-by-your-past fashion.

As you can see, the so-called POWER of NOW - to the promotion of which people like Eckhart Tolle devote their whole lives - is nothing but a curious delusion arising from their distorted perceptions. I say curious, because a lot of these people seem to be otherwise very well educated.

There is no such thing as the POWER of NOW, simply because nobody can have his NOW independently of his entire PAST - case closed!

You may want to explore what the contemporary neuroscience has discovered about how we are totally subconsciously conditioned by clicking on the following link: Subconscious Mind Conditioning - How It Creates Our Mental and Physical Lives. 

The not so famous hypnotist speaks about the ever present power of self hypnosis

Duck's beak or rabbit's ears?

In order to make a convincing presentation of the ever present power of self hypnosis, I've made a short video about the RABBIT / DUCK creature, which inhabits the daily realities of our lives, regardless of whether or not we are lovers of the ducks or rabbits.

The following video presentation is meant to show that there is NO ESCAPE from self hypnosis. The nature of the reality we live in is such that it always forces / hypnotizes us into a particular way of perception at any given time.

You either see the rabbit or the duck, but there is no way you can see both at the same time. 

In other words: Self hypnosis is NOT OPTIONAL. For the better or worse it happens to us all the time.

At any given time we are IMPRISONED in a particular way of perceiving the reality we live in and none of our perceptions is the ULTIMATE TRUTH. All our perceptions are forever subject to change, and always follow the laws of the hypnotic illusions. 

This realization - this foundational truth about the reality we live in - has inspired my decision to devote my life to the "business" of hypnosis. It assured me that I would never be out-of-business! It provided a lasting passion, burning interest and fascination, which I've been enjoying for more than a quarter century now.

April 2016

The not so famous hypnotist speaks about the "problem" he's facing, regarding his soon-to-arrive date of entry into a new decade - and as he sees it, his 3rd / last chapter - of life

In a few days I will enter a new decade and - as I see it - my last chapter of life. For these reasons, I've been thinking about how to celebrate such a monumental occasion.

I've been thinking, and thinking about something SPECIAL that I would like to do on that special day, but to my utter dismay I have not been able to come up with any ideas.

This state of affairs suggests two possible reasons for my inability to make a list of things which I would like to do on that special birthday.

The first possible reason is that I am suffering from depression, and consequently do not feel like doing anything.

The second one is that my daily life and the things which I do on a daily basis are so SPECIAL and FULFILLING that I simply cannot think of anything better to do than the things which I am already doing.

The not so famous hypnotist discovers he has no bucket list in his life

Continuing my reflection on what it really is that makes it so difficult for me to think about something SPECIAL, that I would like to either do or acquire on my 2016 birthday, I realize that the reason for that difficulty cannot be possibly a state of depression.

I feel happy and contented living my life on a daily basis. I lack nothing, and because I lack nothing it is almost impossible for me to want something.

I guess, I must be living a dream life!

If I were to conduct a thought experiment, and start thinking about what it is that I would still like to do before I die, I don't think I would be able to come up with anything.

There seems to be NO BUCKET LIST in my life.

The not so famous hypnotist speaks about the evolution of consciousness as the ONLY game in town

What is the foundational aspect of your whole existence?

What is the ONE and ONLY thing on which the quality of your life depends?

This “thing” which is really not a thing is the EVOLUTION of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Just think about it - if you happened to evolve only physically from the moment of your birth up to the present time - your whole life would be a  total mess if your consciousness failed to evolve in tandem with the physical evolution of your body.

A grown up body equipped with the consciousness of an infant is not what life is meant to be.

So, again - whatever you are today, whatever part you play in the Greater Scheme of Things has become possible ONLY because your consciousness has evolved from the infant-level to whatever level you are at now.

Up to a certain degree, the quality of the human life is not about the state of the body. The degree of the dysfunctionality of the body can be quite severe, and the high quality of life can be still possible.

Take a look at Steven Hawking.

Steven Hawking - 1980

Steven Hawking - 2006

The above images show one of the most famous scientists in the world - Stephen Hawking.

For many years now, his body has been in a condition which excludes any form of a “normal” physical life.

If you want to find the details of his physical condition, you will find plenty of the information about it on the Internet.

It is not my purpose here to discuss how his body malfunctions.

What I want to focus your attention on is the fact that Hawking has been able to achieve the heights of the scientific fame through the power of his MIND, and in spite of his disease-ravaged body.

When during one of the many interviews which Hawking has given throughout his scientific career, he was asked: “What do you think about your life?”, he replied: “Who could have asked for more?”.

To me, Hawking’s reply is an utterly amazing statement, the statement which confirms the truth of what I’v been saying about the evolution of consciousness being the ONLY game in town.

The not so famous hypnotist reflects on what has made him truly happy during the past 3 decades of his life 

My life has not always been a garden of roses.

I went through a relatively long stretch of misguided / tormented years before I've finally found happiness in my life.

And what is it that made my happy?

My secret of happiness can be expressed in one short sentence: To me, a happy life is a life filled with the creative work which the world needs / recognizes and is willing to pay for.

Yes, this last part of my “happiness sentence” is very important. You obviously have to make a living in one way or another, and if you have to divide your life into working just to make a living, and doing something else that makes you happy on the side, you live a life of duality, a life which still has in itself a significant element of the daily drudgery.

So yes, creative work is the essence of happy living but in-and-off-itself it is not enough.

Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh is an example of the incredibly creative life which was very unhappy, mainly because - in spite of his awareness of the value of his creations - his contemporaries failed to recognize it, and only long after he was already dead, people started buying his paintings for astronomical sums of money.

In a letter to his brother Theo, Van Gogh bitterly complained: “It’s not my fault that I can’t sell my pictures. But there will come a time when people will realize they are worth more than the value of the paint in them”.

In 1990, one of his paintings sold for $82.5 million, at that time the highest price ever paid for a painting.

April ?? 2016

The not so famous hypnotist's birthday has come!

This image does not show me on the actual day of my 2016 birthday. It is a 2016 birthday card which was made for me and posted on the Facebook. Today, I look a bit older than what the above image shows.

Replacing the first word "my" by the word "the" - in the title - would make for a much better English, but I wanted to keep the original and decided to not make any corrections. The entirety of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website has never been totally free from typos, and we are going to keep up this long-time-standing tradition.

What I have said above reflects my general orientation to life, which is characterized by the acceptance of various kinds of imperfections in all departments of my existence. Being comfortable with imperfections - within the range of the reasonable limits - has always enabled me to be much more relaxed about everything than I would otherwise be.

Initially, I had my birthday selfie in place of the image which you can see above. When I emailed that selfie to some of my friends on the day of my birthday, I was told that I looked rather sad.

Why have I replaced my own sad face with the Van Gogh's painting of a man who seemed to reflect my own state of mind?

I can't rally give a clear answer. All I can say is that I didn't feel comfortable keeping my sad face on this page.

But even though I have removed my selfie, I can tell you why the day of my birthday was a mixture of joy and sadness.

It all had to do with the reality of a significant loss.

The loss which I had experienced shortly before my birthday was something that belongs to the category of things which should never have happened.

The reality of loss and the reality of the things which should never have happened are the realities which can potentially totally disable our healthy mental function-ability.

They can make us depressed, angry, hateful and resentful, and because of their potentially deadly effects on our lives, I would like to devote the next section of this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website to the discussion of the best ways of dealing with their inherent negativity.

Will cont ...

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