Energy Healing
of The Mind and Addictions

walter orlowski working

When do you need Energy Healing of your mind and what it can do for you?

Energy work is necessary when you have negative, psychic energy structures stuck in your system, and when they cannot be removed by perception-altering hypnosis or psychotherapy alone.

When the psychic negativity is stuck in your system - regardless of what and how you perceive - your situation is similar to that of heaving a splinter in your toe. It is there, and no amount of hypnosis can get it out of there. It has to be pulled out.

Energy Healing of The Mind came into my practice as a welcomed surprise.

While working with people suffering from alcoholism, I discovered that I could help them using only minimal amount of hypnotic suggestions.

I would keep on passing my hand over the body of a hardened alcoholic without saying much, and he would stop drinking.

The results which were quite amazing encouraged me to see how my newly discovered Energy Healing ability would perform with feelings of fear, anxiety and depression.

It turned out that I was able to undo the states of entrenched psychic negativity just as I could undo an alcoholic addiction.

Many people have told me that when I was working with them energetically, they felt as if I were pulling something out of them.

I could also feel that I was pulling out of their energy fields some rather not very pleasant "stuff".

Sometimes I was able to pull it out, and discard it into "space", on other occasions, the negative psychic energy would enter my hand and forearm.

When it entered my hand, it could become uncomfortable and even painful. Whenever I felt a significant level of discomfort, I would terminate the session.

Before I discovered my ability to heal conditions on their energetic level of existence, a very curious and unusual phenomenon became a part of my experience.

I am going to show it to you here and then say a few words about it.

magnetic man

The 10lb plate,
as if glued to my shoulder,
but there is no glue...

What you see may be hard to believe, but there is no trick to it. I must concentrate and "want it to happen". That's all it takes.

It is a psycho-energetic phenomenon and there is a connection between it and my ability to "magnetically" connect with, and then pull out, the negative psychic energies from the human-energy-aura.

Energy Healing of The Mind, the way I've described it above, is quite an amazing reality.

To be able to pass my hand through the energy-aura of an anxiety-ridden person, absorb that "stuff" and than shake it off, setting the sufferer free is mind boggling to me.

I never stop pondering how these things are really possible.

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