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Undoing A Drinking Problem

- Testimonial -

Alice Klein

When I phoned the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, I presented Dr. Walter Orlowski with a very precise request.

I asked him to help me to have only two glasses of wine with my dinner, and not a whole bottle, which I used to indulge in.

I like wine, I buy it, I also make it myself, and I don’t want to quit on one of the few pleasures of life which are still available to me.

My drinking problem started when my two glasses became three, four, and finally a whole bottle. I gained a lot of weight from it and feared becoming an alcoholic.

After my first session of hypnosis, I walked out of the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic highly skeptical because, I didn’t feel I was hypnotized at all.

I was totally aware during the whole session, and remembered everything that was said to me.

I thought, I had to be “put under” in order to resolve my drinking problem.

The following evening, however, brought a great surprise.

I found myself drinking only two glasses of wine and no more.

The former desire to indulge in a whole bottle was gone.

Our next session enabled me to participate in a party without drinking more than an equivalent of two full glasses of wine.

I had four or five glasses altogether, but the amount of wine in each, was much less than one full glass of wine.

This new pattern of behavior lasted for about half a year, and then my drinking problem started to creep back into my life.

I visited the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic again for a booster session, and also asked Dr. Orlowski to make me a custom-designed - drinking problem oriented - hypnotic tape.

I am happy to report that, my drinking problem has been corrected, and for about a year now, I am free to drink the way I want, and really enjoy it.

I am able to have my two glasses of wine a day and no more.

Alice Klein

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