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- Testimonial -

Martin Fox

My business had been stagnating for a painfully long time.

In spite of almost killing myself with endless thinking about how to succeed, I wasn’t making any progress.

I felt terribly stuck and utterly frustrated. I must admit that calling Toronto Hypnosis Clinic for help was an act of desperation.

I was told that, obviously, I needed a creative breakthrough.

Dr. Orlowski told me that, creative breakthroughs usually do come when we give up all our anxious striving.

He also told me that, it was my own tensing and striving that was blocking me from my inner sources of creativity.

He said that, the best course of action was to learn how to let go of my ceaseless intellectual, rational attempts to figure out the solution.

I had to admit that, trying to rationally analyze my business situation, obviously, wasn’t working, and in desperation I agreed to quit my trying.

I felt very unsure and vulnerable after letting go of my persistent efforts.

It was very hard for me to have faith in something so esoteric as some “inner source of creativity”, which would give me an answer and direct me out of my dilemma.

My excitement was boundless when on one late afternoon the long-awaited solution spontaneously popped into my mind.

It came in a day-dream.

I happened to lay down on my couch and dozed off for a while and here it was! Exactly as I was told.

I realized how much I had been missing in my life by trying to live solely by logic and totally neglecting my own intuition.

My long-awaited creative breakthrough was the first of a long chain of similar intuitive insights, which since then, have become a very precious part of my whole life.

During the process of turning on my lost creativity I used a Custom Hypnosis CD, which Dr. Orlowski designed just for me, to help me overcome my creativity blockage.

Martin Fox

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