Beyond Coping With Anxiety

The phrase - coping with anxiety - implies that there is nothing much that you can do about your anxiety except coping with it.

Coping with your anxiety implies efforts to reduce, minimize, or tolerate your anxiety.

Through my work at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, I can help you to exit your coping with anxiety orientation and attain total freedom from this life wrecking condition.

Through the power of my Hypno-Energetic Method, which combines hypnosis for anxiety with healing anxiety on its energetic level of existence, I can help you achieve freedom from anxiety in a relatively short time.

The coping with anxiety attitude is similar to that of anger management.

There are many anger management classes, workshops and lectures. On the other hand, the offers of the total healing from anger are almost non-existent.

This phenomenon of aiming low - at a mere management level - of a life wrecking condition is very curious indeed.

Just coping with your anxiety is a resigned position in which you basically condemn yourself to life-long suffering from anxiety.

This kind of thinking works on your mind like hypnosis. Your coping with anxiety attitude hypnotizes you into a state of disability which then becomes your reality.

Healing anxiety at my Toronto Anxiety Clinic is about helping you to enter the process of evolution of your consciousness.

As you go through the process of healing your anxiety at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, you will gradually realize that you’ve never had anxiety per se.

You will realize that you’ve been suffering only from being stuck on the anxiety engendering level of consciousness.

The anxiety engendering level of consciousness is the ego-dominated level of consciousness.

Being stuck on that level of consciousness makes you think that you are in control of the unfoldment of Reality.

This kind of delusional thinking forces you into various kinds of Reality controlling maneuvers, which can never really succeed.

It is only when you notice that your personal powers are not enough to control what happens in your life that your anxiety arises.

You simply realize that you are out of control and become extremely shaky about it.

Through my work at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, I can help you rise above the clouds of anxiety and experience the sunny weather of liberation.

The first step towards your liberation from anxiety and rising above the old, defeatist - coping with anxiety - attitude, is to realize that you are not your anxiety.

As long as you identify with your anxiety, you simply cannot get rid of it without getting rid of yourself.

Your realization that you are not your anxiety is the beginning of your freedom. Your consciousness can now look at its own content quite dispassionately with the attitude of a scientific observer.

When you can observe your anxiety in the laboratory of your own mind you are half way towards your total liberation.

Your total liberation comes when there is no anxiety to observe anymore. It simply does not arise in your mind.

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