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Lacking confidence?

Confidence hypnosis or hypnosis for confidence is absolutely necessary to undo the cases of lack-of-confidence hypnosis.

Most people live their lives in a state of low confidence as if they were hypnotized into their low confidence behaviors.

In most cases, a state of lack-of-confidence hypnosis develops under the hypnotic influence of parents in the early formative years. Yes, your parents were the most powerful hypnotists, you've ever encountered in your life.

Confidence hypnosis is necessary to undo what you've been made to believe and what you play out, day in and day out, on the stage of your life.

An interesting fact is that, seemingly confident people can totally lose their confidence. I once worked with a 70-year-old salesman, who had been selling for decades and who totally lost his confidence. Through the process of confidence hypnosis, we were able to restore it in a couple of sessions.

Confidence is the knowing that you CAN. It is the assurance of your ability and conviction of the high value of what you have to offer.

Confidence determines everything else in your life. When you have it, you CAN; when you don’t, you CANNOT.

Because confidence, being synonymous with faith, determines everything else in your life, we could say that confidence is everything that really counts.

It is the most precious commodity on earth because without it, nothing can be really achieved; even to be able to open yourself to love, requires a high level of inner security in your ability to deal with the possible loss or rejection.

People can be divided into those WHO CAN, and those who CANNOT, or THE SECURE IN THEMSELVES and THE ONES WHO LACK THE SENSE of SECURITY .

In my own life, I have been on both sides of the fence. For many years now, I've enjoyed high levels of inner security. I will be delighted to help you join me there.

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