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Career choice is one of the most important choices that you make in your life. To be precise, your real, meant-to-be career is not your choice; you don’t choose it - it chooses you!

Your role is simply to recognize what you’ve been chosen for. If you fail to recognize it, you may even become very successful by the world’s standards, and yet, deep down, you will never be satisfied.

There are a lot of “successful” people out there who have been climbing the ladder of success all their lives just to discover in the end that the ladder has been always leaning against the “wrong wall”. It is very easy to make a wrong career choice.

Long time ago, I set out to climb a business ladder of success and, luckily, found out very soon that becoming a successful businessman was in fact, totally meaningless to me. After I’ve made this discovery, I went through a period of turmoil, intense search and questioning; and finally, I allowed my meant-to-be destiny to lead me where I had to go.

I am so very grateful to God for this early correction of my mistaken path. Being on the correct path is always easy even though the going itself may be really tough. The ease, in spite of hardship, comes from the knowing of your destination; and when you know why you are going there, the condition of the road doesn’t matter that much.

My wide and deep experience of going through several careers in my life and finally finding my way enables me to function as a career coach: I can certainly be of service to anyone who needs help in the area of choosing a career that is meant to be.

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