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Over the years - through my Toronto broken heart healing practice - I’ve been able to help many brokenhearted souls to recover from their painful emotional condition.

In my nomenclature, a broken heart means a break-up of a relationship, which causes a person a lot of emotional suffering. This painful situation exists also when a person wants to leave an undesirable relationship but has a great difficulty to do so.

If you suffer from a brokenhearted condition, our success rate in terms of the resolution of your problem will be close to 100%. For some reason, I’ve been very successful in helping people overcome this painful emotion.

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people entangled in a relationship related emotional suffering. I’ve dealt with broken hearts of all ages: teenagers, middle-aged, and a few old ones, too.

When you come to the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, we are going to begin the process of your emotional liberation with an in-depth information gathering session.

It is through this session that I will be able to find out what your inner strengths are and how to activate them in order to undo your brokenhearted condition as fast as possible.

Before you come to the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, ask yourself: What is that pain that you are feeling and call by the name of the pain of your broken heart?

What does this pain really tell you? It’s true - the intensity of your suffering most likely blocks the message, but even through your pain’s veil some of the message seeps through.

It says: You’ve been so utterly dependent on another for your happiness - for feeling that you are alive.

As much as our task will be to help you overcome your brokenhearted condition, we will also have to at least begin something of great importance.

That something is your learning to derive your happiness from within your own heart.

This learning is if great importance because nobody can really make you happy, and as long as you insist on the external source for your happiness and fulfillment, you will end up brokenhearted over and over again.

Your dependence on another for your happiness and feeling alive is something into which you have been conditioned. In a way you’ve been hypnotized into believing that the fullness of your life depends on another.

Such belief can only result in a broken heart hypnosis, a psychological condition characterized by a single minded - “without him / her I cannot be happy” - psychic orientation.

Your freedom and well being can be established only via un -hypnotizing yourself from your broken heart hypnosis.

There are a lot of people out there who have pseudo-learned to deal with their broken heart hypnosis by shutting down emotionally and disabling their ability to love.

Obviously, from the present perspective of your brokenhearted condition, you never again want to end up in such a horrible - such vulnerable state of dependence on another.

On the other hand you simply can’t afford to close your heart to love. You will have to be able to give it all again.

And the question : How to give it all, and at the same time remain immune to the psychological and emotional devastation, is the question to which you must figure out your answer - not just theoretically but very practically - as you go through whatever happens in your life.

Anything less than that will perhaps enable you to move on in life but as the poet says, you will end up in the “seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears”.

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