Best Hypnotist in Toronto
What is it that makes your most suitable hypnotist superior to others? What is it that he does?
Questions about the technique 
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Every hypnotist has his favourite technique. His technique is what he does - but it is not what he does that makes him the best hypnotist.

What makes him the best is WHAT HE IS!

He could teach his technique to others, but they would never be able to get the results that he gets.

His technique in the hands of others would fail because - as much as what he does could be duplicated by others - no one could duplicate what he is.

What the best hypnotist is, is synonymous with the quality of his state of awareness / the quality of his state of consciousness.

The best hypnotists - just as the best healers - can evoke the desirable changes in the help-seeking-people just by engulfing them by their fields of awareness.

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