Healing Anxiety Feelings

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Why do you have your anxiety feelings?

Your anxiety works just like everybody else’s anxiety does. The theme of your anxiety may be unique, but the mechanism of its operation follows the same pattern, common to all of humanity.

You experience your anxiety feelings because of what happens in your subconscious mind.

Even if you consciously know the origin of your anxiety, your problem exists only because consciously you can do nothing to stop your anxiety feelings from arising in your mind.

If you could consciously decide to not have anxiety, you would not have anxiety problem in your life.

Because, you obviously cannot consciously decide to not have anxiety - the answer to healing of your anxiety lies in your subconscious mind.

How I can help you eliminate your anxiety feelings?

I can help you eliminate your anxiety feelings by dealing with them where they arise.

I can access your anxiety feelings on the subconscious level of their existence and help you dissolve their stubborn, life wrecking psychic energy structure.

For the successful resolution of your anxiety feelings, the subconscious cause of your anxiety does not have to be consciously known.

My Hypno-Energetic Method

Through my Hypno-Energetic Method, I can help you heal your anxiety on the subconscious level of its existence.

On the most basic level of its existence your anxiety is a relatively stable, negative psychic energy structure, which is stuck on the subconscious level of your mind.

I will work with your anxiety energetically and at the same time I will verbally communicate with your subconscious mind.

Even though you will not be in a state of hypnotic trance, my verbal suggestions will have a powerful hypno-effective influence on your subconscious mind.

Click on this link for a more detailed description of my Hypno-Energetic Method.

What the referring doctors say:

Alvin Pettle

“During my decade of association with Walter Orlowski (Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine), I have found his professional work to be of the utmost help in my clinical practice. I practice Obstetrics and Gynecology, treat patients with Integrative Medicine, and have found out that my patients have benefited from Walter's skills. They have been treated both successfully and professionally through his talents.

Over the years I have witnessed the emergence of Walter’s Hypno-Energetic Method which he uses to heal human minds and bodies. It has evolved from his practice in Clinical Hypnosis and has made his work most effective. I am proud that Walter is associated with the Ruth Pettle Wellness Centre as one of our practicing clinicians in Hypnotic and Hypno-Energetic Healing Methodology".

Dr. Alvin Pettle, MD, FRCS, is a world expert on the use of Natural Bio-Identical Hormones and other issues pertaining to women’s health. For more information about Dr. Alvin Pettle, visit his website at: www.drpettle.com

Alex Mostovoy

"Since 1999, I have been referring my patients to Dr. Walter Orlowski. The patients who used to suffer from fears, anxiety, depression and all kinds of addiction have greatly benefited from Dr. Orlowski's skills. I highly recommend his services to anyone who suffers from psychological problems in life".

Alexander Mostovoy is a Homeopathic Doctor with a busy practice in Toronto specializing in women’s health issues. He is a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer. His expertise lies in a natural approach to menopause, disease and breast cancer prevention. For more information about his services please visit: www.drmostovoy.com

Raisa Weisspapir

Dr. Raisa Weisspapir

"Since 2002, I've referred many of my patients to Dr. Walter Orlowski. He has been always able to complement my homeopathic medicine services, in ways that greatly benefit the patients experiencing psychological challenges in their lives".

Dr. Raisa Weisspapir in addition to general homeopathic family care specializes in prevention and treatment of Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, Bedwetting, Kidney problems, Digestive Disorders, Ear Infections in children and also problems during the pregnancy. For more information please visit: www.homeopathytoronto.com

Walter Orlowski
Anxiety Dissolving Services

There are many ways of dealing with anxiety.

Regardless of whether you live in Toronto, or any other place in the world, I can help you dissolve your anxiety feelings.

Feel free to contact me, and find out how you can achieve liberation from anxiety.

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