Anxiety Causes

Anxiety causes are many, but most of them originate from the anxiety-conditioning events in life.

This conditioning happens mainly on the subconscious level of the mind.

Your anxiety - most likely - has been conditioned by something that happened in your life.

Without your subconscious anxiety conditioning, you would not know how to get anxious.

Getting anxious is a negative mental ability, which presents itself outside of your subconscious mind as a disability.

Just as you’ve learned how to be anxious, you can also unlearn it.

Any conditioned form of behavior can be unconditioned and your anxiety is not an exception.

You may, or may not be consciously aware of your anxiety causes.

If you are not consciously aware of your anxiety causes, don’t spend too much time on trying to discover what they are.

After years of practice - at my Toronto Anxiety Clinic - I can tell you that, knowing your anxiety causes does not necessarily make healing of anxiety any easier.

What counts is not that you know your anxiety causes. It is your attitude towards your healing from anxiety that makes all the difference.

It is your willingness to experiment with your own mind and your determination to succeed that is going to liberate you from the grip of anxiety.

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