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“We have to come because the battery has exhausted itself, and my daughter needs another boost of the positive energy to get her socially going.”

I saw her at my Toronto Anxiety Clinic for the first time eight years ago, when she was beginning her junior school.

She was very shy and unable to mingle with other kids.

Her social anxiety was paralyzing her and on some days she would refuse to go to school.

Her mother brought her in and was sitting in my office during the session.

I didn’t do any “talk therapy” with the little girl.

I just asked her to lie down on the table and started moving my hand above her head and her body.

As I was performing my “magnetic” passes, I was also talking to her. What I was saying - I can’t remember.

The little girl entered into an altered state of consciousness, and in that state she remained till the end of our session.

I didn’t experience during that session any - typically experienced by me - energetic phenomena, as I was passing my hand over her body.

It took a couple of years before I’ve learned about the results of our session.

I’ve learned what happened, as a result of our session, because two years after I saw the girl for the first time, the mother and the little girl came to my Toronto Anxiety Clinic again.

Upon their arrival to my office the mother told me that the session performed two years ago was enough to remove the social anxiety from her child’s psychic system for two years.

After two years of freedom from social anxiety, the little girl started experiencing her old anxiety feelings again.

Our second session was very similar to the first one, and again, I had to wait two years to learn that its effects had also lasted for a couple of years.

When I saw the girl the third time, the mother told me that our two previous sessions worked in an amazingly miraculous way - removing the social anxiety from her daughters mind, and enabling her to play with her classmates again.

I am writing this page because today ( Sept. 10. 2012) I’ve seen my little-girl-client again. She’s not little anymore.

She is thirteen-years-old now and the decision was made that the mother would leave her in my Toronto Anxiety Clinic office, and not be present during the session.

When the mother called me for this fourth appointment she said: “We have to come because the battery has exhausted itself, and my daughter needs another boost of the positive energy to get her socially going.”

During our today’s session, as I was passing my hand above the girl’s body, I was absorbing into my hand, and into a lower part of my forearm, a very unpleasant, heavy and slightly painful energy.

After our session the girl reported that during the session she felt peace and calm.

I’m sure that our today’s session will have a very beneficial effect.

I may have to wait another couple of years before I see the girl in my office, or maybe I will never see her again.

Regardless of what happens - I know that I was able to help her several times in a most amazing way.

What have I done with / to this girl during our two-year-apart-spread sessions?

I spoke to her very little.

I was passing my hand above her body for about 30 minutes each time.

And during our last session I definitely absorbed a lot of negative energy from her psychic energy system.

Our last session was clearly an example of what I call by the name of my Psychic Detox Methodology.

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As I’m coming to the end of this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, I realize that what I have done with my girl-client has been very similar to what Don Juan was doing with Carlos Castaneda during several years of teaching him how to move his Assemblage Point at will.

The Assemblage Point described in Carlos Castaneda’s story is a point at which the beam of awareness assembles one of the many realities which humans can potentially experience.

According to the teachings of Don Juan, your beam of awareness - providing that you have enough energy to move it across the whole spectrum of the realities, which are available on the human reality menu - can be shifted, much like a beam of light, and it can "light up" a particular reality, which upon being lit up becomes operational in your life.

Learning how to move your Assemblage Point at will is synonymous with being FREE, in terms of what experiential reality you are in at a given time.

In other words, once you learn how to move your Assemblage Point - you don’t have to be stuck in any particular psycho-physiological reality of your life.

You don’t have to be stuck in the reality of fear, anxiety or depression.

You can enter or exit all the realities available on your human experiential reality menu as you please.

One of the examples of shifting the Assemblage Point, which creates a profound psycho-physiological change is a hypnotically-created shift of consciousness which results in the attainment of a complete surgical anesthesia.

This particular, hypnotically-evoked shift of the Assemblage Point has been in use in the world-famous Mayo Clinic for more than hundred years now.

They use it there to perform surgical operations on the people who cannot tolerate chemical anesthetics.

I realize that what I am saying here about the Assemblage Point shifting may sound very exotic to all those who are not familiar with the Carlos Castaneda’s writings.

I've made this little presentation on the Assemblage Point here, because what Castaneda wrote about, fits beautifully into my own story of working with some of my Toronto Anxiety Clinic clients.

A clear description of what the whole business of shifting of the Assemblage Point is all about requires a separate page devoted to that subject.

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