Walter Orlowski

Toronto Anxiety Clinic

Undoing Anxiety


anxious woman

When I came to see Dr. Walter Orlowski, at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, I suffered from unexplainable anxiety.

My symptoms included nervousness, tremendous muscular tension accompanied by sensation of heat all over my body, excessive sweating, and involuntary shaking of hands during certain social situations.

Dr. Orlowski told me that, my subconscious mind knew everything about me, including the source of all the above mentioned anxiety symptoms.

The decision was made to ask my subconscious mind to reveal the source of my anxiety.

I was regressed back in time in search for the roots of my unexplainable anxiety.

We discovered that my problems were rooted in the untimely death of my twin sister who drowned at the age of three.

After becoming aware of the source of my anxiety, I was able to process my unresolved emotions connected to that tragic event.

I felt as if a tremendous load was taken off my shoulders.

I also felt drained and tired from all this work, at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, but most of all, I felt free!

A feeling of liberation and expansion pervaded my mind and body.

I knew, my “unexplainable anxiety” was gone.”

Nicole F.

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