Anger Hypnosis

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I used to live in a state of anger hypnosis. As if hypnotized into my angry patterns of behavior, for decades, in spite of my efforts I couldn't break the spell of my anger hypnosis.

You must have seen or at least are aware of, what the stage hypnosis is all about. Hypnotized people behave in the most bizarre ways, as if they are out of control. What happens on the stage of entertainment is not important. What happens on the stage of your life is - it either makes you or breaks you.

Just as hypnosis happens on the stage of entertainment, on the stage of life it forces you into all kinds of unwanted patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Anger hypnosis is one of the most ugly, most destructive, life wrecking form of hypnosis that takes people over on the stage of life.

Anger is a state in which you are looking for something to get mad about – for something that is “not right”. This very negative, and sometimes, even violent emotion wrecks relationships, destroys health, and blocks people from succeeding in life.

How do we end up hypnotized into our angry patterns of behavior? The mechanism of our anger hypnosis is very simple. It all starts with something that happens in our lives - most often in our childhood - when we are not able to defend ourselves psychologically from a variety of parental or other kinds of abuse.

Things happen to us, we end up intensely angry about them, but can't really vent that anger, and our angry emotions sink deeply into our subconscious minds. We simply push our anger into our subconscious. This is the only way we can cope with it as kids, and later on, all that stored anger energy begins to vent into our adult lives.

Through repeated outbursts of anger, we become habituated into our angry mode of operation and anger becomes our addiction. We don't seem to be able to function without it.

Because our anger hypnosis has an incredibly powerful energy behind it, the best way to deal with it, is through an approach which combines hypnosis and Energy Healing.

This is exactly what my Psychic Detox methodology does.

Why would anyone want to be angry - even if it is only a subconscious desire? Because it is a form of self-assertion. Through it, the false ego-self seeks to assert its life, its power, its very existence.

As a kid, when your anger hypnosis was building itself up, you were terribly frustrated by your inability to defend yourself against various forms of abuse or mistreatment. Your ego suffered an impotent rage and lack of protective self-assertion.

Now as an adult, you subconsciously make up for your earlier frustrations. Your anger hypnosis drives your subconscious revenge whether you like it or not. This out-of-control automatic behavior is a mark of all forms of hypnotic phenomena.

Just think about it for a moment: when you get mad about something, it is only because you think you are right and the other party is not. Isn’t it an assertion of your “self-righteousness”? And why do you need to be “right”? Isn’t it that you must be right because, except for your self-righteousness, there is nothing else from which you could derive a sense of your power, value, identity… your very existence?

Your anger is a sign of your feeling worthless. This is the feeling into which you were hypnotized by all those overpowering you adults, who used to control your early years of life.

Whenever you were mistreated - you felt not only angry but also worthless, and that's how your anger and personal worthlessness got mixed into something that now seeks its healing.

Your angry outbursts are paradoxically your screams for help and healing of your condition. You subconsciously want to heal it, but the only way in which you are able to manifest this need is through your anger manifestation.

I know the horror of living with anger hypnosis and the blessing of liberation. I’ve been there and can show you the way out. I can help you to dissolve this life wrecking emotion.

My anger hypnosis dissolving services are also available through my Custom Hypnosis CDs worldwide. Through the energetic power of words, I can help you resolve your anger, both, on its hypnotic and energetic level of existence.

I also provide over-the-phone, worldwide, anger dissolving hypnosis and counseling sessions.

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