Altered States of Consciousness

Custom-Made Frames of Mind

Sometimes I enter spontaneously into a state of consciousness which produces a page like this one.

I haven’t planned on writing it.

It basically wrote itself.

If all the pages of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website wanted to write themselves, I would have so much more time to do all the other things which I would like to do.

What is it that you really want?

What is it that everybody wants if they are in a crappy state of mind?

They want to alter it!

They want to change their frame of mind.

It may not be obvious to you, but basically, all that people want is altered states of consciousness.

What is love if not a profoundly altered state of mind?

And how about the state of consciousness which arises during an orgasm?

Wouldn’t you say that it is a profoundly altered state of consciousness?

Why do people search for a fulfilling career?

Because it makes them feel good - because it creates a desirable state of consciousness.

It is never about a career per se - it is always about the altered state of consciousness that it creates.

Why do you go to the movies?

Isn’t it that the only thing that takes you there is your desire to alter your state of consciousness - to escape the boring, mundane reality of your everyday life?

Why do people drink alcohol and coffee, smoke cigarettes, take drugs, or get involved in the extreme adrenaline-pumping sports and other excitement-stimulating activities?

They do it because they crave altered states of consciousness more than anything else in life.

Their desire for altered states is greater than their desire for money!

In fact, nobody wants money just for the sake of having money.

What counts is the altered state of consciousness that the money produces.

It gives a feeling of security, it makes people feel superior, it produces a feeling of being important, it creates a sense of achievement, it makes people feel powerful and in control of their circumstances.

It can even give confidence to the otherwise confidence-lacking individuals.

In a nut shell - it creates an empowered, altered state of consciousness.


There is a great variety of altered states of consciousness which are available to humanity.

And each state is an altered state with respect to some other state.

If you feel unhappy, a state of happiness would obviously be an altered state with respect to the state of unhappiness.

All of the states of consciousness which a human being can potentially experience are what constitutes a human altered-state-menu.

Now, if you could easily flip from one state of consciousness to any other, desired state of consciousness, you would be the ultimate master of your own mind.

You would be in total control of your conscious experience.

You could pick your state of consciousness as easily as you can pick a dish from a restaurant menu.

If you could enter any state of consciousness at will, you would never suffer from anything!

Have you ever realized that your suffering can exist only in your consciousness?

Even when your body suffers from pain - it is only in your consciousness that your experience it.

It would be enough to create in your mind an altered state of consciousness, called by the name of hypnotic anesthesia, and you would no longer feel any pain.

This is precisely what they have been doing in the world-famous Mayo Clinic for the past hundred years.

The Mayo Clinic specializes in performing surgery in profoundly altered states of consciousness.

They use hypnosis to evoke the states of surgical anesthesia in the people who are allergic to chemical anesthetics.

Hypnosis is truly a very serious - life saving - business, and not just an adjunct to psychotherapy or a tool of entertainment.

It is quite amazing the the altered states of consciousness evoked via hypnosis can be used to save human lives and to produce shows for the purpose of entertainment.

The incredible versatility of hypnosis, in terms of its ability to produce a gamut of altered states of consciousness, makes it a tool par-excellence in medicine, psychotherapy and in the show-business.


Whatever state of mind you are in, it is just a state of mind. And as such, it is subject to change.

You wouldn’t ever have to be stuck in any particular state of mind if you only knew how to dissolve, at will, your undesirable states of consciousness.

Any state of consciousness is a form of hypnosis, with the exception of the higher, spiritual states of consciousness.

Hypnosis - as I define it - is any state of consciousness which has the power to create a particular form of reality in your mind.

Negative hypnosis is a state of consciousness which is undesirable, and which persists in spite of your efforts to extract yourself from its grip.

If you are experiencing anxiety - for example - and can’t get yourself out of the reality of anxiety - you are hypnotized into a state of anxiety.

The same holds true for the states of depression, fears, and any other negative, persistent states of consciousness from which you can’t snap yourself out at will.


Why do you think I’ve devoted myself to the “business” of hypnosis?

I’ve done it only because the “business” of hypnosis is the second, most important business of our human lives.

The most important business of our lives - the way I see it - is to transcend our hypnotized minds and liberate ourselves from all forms of life-crippling self hypnosis.

In other words, the most important business of our lives is to transcend our hypnotized minds and access the spiritual reality of our existence - it is to awaken from our hypnotic trances to the reality of what we really are.

This awakening, however, cannot be accomplished without first attending to our hypnosis-possessed minds.

The first step - by necessity, must be psychological.

It must be hypnotic, in the sense of its ability to unhypnotize our minds from a great variety of illusions that we typically hold.

Only when the clouds of our illusions are gone can the light of the Spirit shine upon us and through us.

The clouds of our negative self hypnosis must be cleared, and as much as we’ve been hypnotized into a great variety of mental disabilities, we must be unhypnotized from them.

There is simply no other way to freedom.

In closing, I want to say that I’ve written this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website only because I have a right to write such a page.

I have a right to write such a page because through persistent training of my own consciousness, I’ve been able to achieve a relatively high level of freedom from all kinds of undesirable states of mind.

I can, at will, create custom made frames of mind for myself whenever necessary.

I don’t have to be stuck in any undesirable state of consciousness for a long time.

It can take some time for me to create a desired, altered state of consciousness in my mind, but ultimately my power over my own states of consciousness always wins.

And because I know how to do it for myself, I can teach you how you can do it for yourself too.

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