Alcoholism Hypnosis

drinking man

Alcoholism hypnosis forces people to drink. They drink as if hypnotized into their drinking necessity and hypnotized they are. The behavior of hypnotized people during a hypnosis show, is just an example of what hypnosis can do on a much greater stage of life.

It is on the stage of life rather than on the stage of entertainment that the greatest effects of hypnosis can be observed. What hypnotizes people into a state of alcoholism hypnosis? For the most part it is the pressure of life. It is always some form of pain, that an alcoholic tries to alleviate before he eventually succumbs to his addiction.

Alcoholism hypnosis belongs to my "favorite" problems, and the hypnosis for alcoholism is one of my favorite treatment modalities. It is so, because I've had a lot of success in the area of alcoholism treatment, and to see a severe drinking problem go away, brings a lot of joy to my heart.

I believe that most of alcoholism hypnosis is formed due to the necessity to alter the stressed-out state of mind. Drinking brings a relief from the oppressed state of the psyche; it relaxes the tense mind and allows the drinker to forget – if only temporarily – about the troublesome issues of life.

Years ago, I realized that I could undo a drinking problem without saying much to a person. My realization unfolded when a 32-year-old man came to me – desperate to end his deadly state of alcoholism hypnosis. He would drink insanely without much of eating for a week or two and then take a break, which would last a couple of months.

Usually his drinking spells would eventually land him in a hospital, where he was repeatedly told that unless he stops, he would certainly part with his life. His alcoholism treatment took twelve 45-minute sessions.

While he entered a state of deep relaxation, I would simply pass my hand above his body saying things to him, but not really that much. Most of his alcoholism treatment took place in silence. Hypnosis for alcoholism enabled him to stop drinking completely, and has been free from his former addiction for several years.

My overall success rate with drinking problems is about 80%. The most successful are always the people who are at the end of their wits: those who know that unless they quit, their habit will end them.

In terms of the approach, the process of undoing drinking problems has an extensive energetic component accompanied by a rather limited amount of verbal suggestions. The number of sessions in this area ranges from 5 to 15. If you are looking for help to quit heavy drinking, we have a very high chance to achieve what you desire.

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