Anger Management Clinic

Angry man

I can help you achieve
more than the ability
to manage your anger

I can help you get rid
of your anger in its entirety

Through my Toronto Anger Management Clinic I offer several approaches to not just anger management, but also to permanent anger elimination.

My Toronto Anger Management Practice is based on my own experience with anger addiction and my permanent recovery form this horrible psychic affliction.

My own experience and the experiences of others, with whom I’ve worked towards anger elimination show that, total recovery from anger addiction is a reality.

The success of my Toronto Anger Management Clinic comes not only from my own experience with anger addiction, but also from my understanding of the mechanism of anger development and its elimination.

Our work at my Toronto Anger Management Clinic will be focused on the total elimination of your anger and it will be divided into several stages.

Your first appointment will be devoted to the gathering of necessary information.

Through our information gathering session, I will learn how you’ve ended up with your life wrecking anger pattern, and what is the best approach to the permanent anger elimination in your own particular case.

Our second appointment will be focused on the deepening of your own understanding of how your anger developed, and how it became rooted in your subconscious mind.

I will teach you the principles of the negative and positive subconscious mind conditioning, which happens to all people, and is really an unavoidable aspect of our human reality.

All of this new-awareness-generating teaching, will be done for you, simultaneously with the application of my Psychic Detox methodology in order to clear your psyche from its anger pollution.

The Psychic Detox, is a part of my Toronto Anger Management services. It is a form of Energy Healing of the mind, through which I will disable the energetic grip of anger upon your psyche.

Through my work at the Toronto Anger Management Clinic, I make it obvious to all those who suffer from anger addiction that, their anger is but an entrenched psychic energy formation.

The energy of your anger is stuck in your mental energy system much like a physical splinter can be lodged into your toe, and just as a physical splinter it has to be removed.

Applying my Psychic Detox methodology to your psyche, in the form of my Hypno-Energetic Method may be enough to dislodge the psychic energy of anger from your mental energy system.

Through my work I promote the awareness that, we all end up hypnotized into our negative mental patterns on the stage of life. We are all familiar to a greater or lesser degree with the stage hypnosis. What most people are not aware of, is the fact that, what happens during the typical stage hypnosis show, also happens on the stage of their own lives.

Through our work, you will became aware of, how the unavoidable phenomenon of the negative subconscious conditioning, created your consciously uncontrollable angry behavior. 

You will see that your anger, in spite of its seemingly controlling you power, is but a subconsciously conditioned, hypnotic form of behavior, which you play out on the stage of your life.

During a stage hypnosis show people get hypnotized into all kinds of nonsense and they proceed to act it out. What happens on the stage of life is no different.

Just as I have shown it to others through my work at the Toronto Anger Management Clinic, I will also show to you that, just as your anger was subconsciously conditioned and became a solid negative pattern of your mental functioning - it can also be unconditioned.

The subconscious unconditioning of your anger is absolutely necessary for your freedom to became a reality.

As our work at the Toronto Anger Management Clinic continues, you will be progressively more and more un-hypnotized, from your negative anger conditioning.

You will be also progressively less and less polluted by the energy of anger, due to the application of my Psychic Detox methodology.

The combination of the Psychic Detox, which works on the energetic level of your anger formation, with the hypnotic unconditioning of your subconscious ideas, which have kept your anger energy stuck in your system, will either clear your anger in its entirety, or prepare you for the next stage of our work.

Through my work at the Toronto Anger Management Clinic, I’ve learned that, there are cases of anger, which require more than what hypnotic unconditioning of anger combined with the Energy Healing can accomplish.

In recognition of the necessity of the approach to anger, which goes beyond hypnosis and Energy Healing, my Toronto Anger Management Clinic offers Spiritual Healing of anger as the most powerful anger dissolving modality.

In most cases all of the above mentioned approaches are combined into one, seamless, super effective strategy which leads to the total elimination of anger addiction.  

Regardless of the source of your anger and its present grip on your psyche, our work at my Toronto Anger Management Clinic, most likely will set you free.

In closing, I want to stress it again that, complete healing from anger, and not just anger management, is the actual and very real possibility.

Never settle just for coping with your anger. Aim at your total healing from anger and it will become your reality.

I can say this because I used to be where you are. I used to be there and I'm now free. And because I had been there, I can help you to get out of there.

Please don’t hesitate to call me and discuss what is possible for us in your own particular case.

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