Toronto Addiction Clinic
Effective Elimination of Alcoholism, Anger, Smoking and Overeating

Through my Toronto Addiction Clinic, I help my clients achieve liberation from the following addictions:

Alcoholic addiction
Smoking addiction
Anger addiction
Overeating addiction

In terms of undoing an alcoholic addiction, my Toronto Addiction services are focused mainly on the Psychic Detox methodology.

This has nothing to do with the physical detoxification of the alcoholic pollution of the body.

My Psychic Detox methodology, which I use at my Toronto Addiction Clinic, is a form of the Energy Healing of the mind.

Several years ago, while working with alcoholics, I discovered that, I could repeatedly pass my hand in the energy field of a hardened alcoholic, and undo a severe alcoholic addiction within several sessions.

At my Toronto Addiction Clinic, I utilize my unexpected discovery of several years ago, with great success. The discovery that, an alcoholic addiction can be eliminated by attending to it on the energetic level of its existence.

The great success of my work at my Toronto Addiction Clinic, confirms what our contemporary science has been telling us for a long time now.

Namely that, everything, on its most basic level of existence is but an energy vibration.

All forms of addiction are held in place by the entrenched, solidified, psychic energy structures, which occupy human subconscious mind.

My Toronto Addiction services attend to these subconsciously conditioned, psychic energy formations at the most basic level of their existence.

When you come to my Toronto Addiction Clinic, we are not going to deal with your addiction symptomatically - we are going to pull its energetic roots, right out of your mental energy system.

Since I’ve started working with alcoholics, my rate of success in therms of the total elimination of an alcoholic addiction has been very high - about 80%.

This means that, when you come to my Toronto Addiction Clinic, in order to get rid of your alcoholic addiction, you will most likely become free from your bondage.

I don’t follow up all of the cases of an alcoholic addiction I’ve worked on - but those which I’ve followed up, are doing great after several years of our working together.

When you come to my Toronto Addiction Clinic in order to get rid of your smoking addiction, we are going to work on it, most likely utilizing classical hypnosis or my Hypno-Energetic Method.

It doesn’t take much time to undo even a several-decade-long smoking addiction, providing that you are really ready to quit.

There are cases of smoking addiction, which I’ve been able to help resolve within one session, without any withdrawal symptoms - even after decades of heavy-duty smoking.

At my Toronto Addiction Clinic, I also deal very successfully with anger addiction.

My high rate of success in terms of a total resolution of anger addiction, is rooted in my own experience with anger addiction, which used to ruin my family life for years.

I have recovered from my anger addiction, and during the process of undoing this horrible psychic affliction, I’ve gained a deep understanding of how people end up angry, and what are the best ways of dealing with anger - not just to manage it, but to get rid of it in its entirety.

When you come to my Toronto Addiction Clinic, in order to get rid of your anger addiction, we are going to work on it, utilizing several methods in conjunction.

Usually, I help people to get rid of their anger addiction utilizing a combination of hypnosis, Energy Healing - my Psychic Detox methodology - and Spiritual Healing.

In most cases, undoing of a long standing anger addiction takes a considerable time.

You have to be totally committed to the process of undoing your anger addiction, and have faith in your ultimate victory.

Your high level of commitment, willingness to experience temporary setbacks, and faith in what I know from my own experience is really possible, virtually assure your ultimate success.

The taste of freedom from anger addiction is absolutely exhilarating.

May it become your everyday reality.

Through my Toronto Addiction Clinic, I also provide services leading towards liberation from the overeating addiction.

Almost everyone can lose weight, a few people however, can maintain their weight at a desired level.

Because of this, weight loss issues are really maintenance issues.

Through my Toronto Addiction Clinic, I teach the permanent weight loss candidates, about the importance of undoing their negative, subconscious mechanism of their overeating addiction.

When you come to my Toronto Addiction Clinic, in order to permanently eliminate your excessive weight, we are going to focus on the resetting of your subconscious mind.

The resetting of your of your subconscious mind will be done through my highly effective, custom-designed self hypnosis recordings.

A custom-designed self hypnosis CDs, will be made for you, to assure that your subconscious mind agrees with what you consciously desire.

All your previous failures to maintain your best weight, after you’ve lost your excessive pounds, were engendered by your misbehaving subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than your conscious mind.

Because of this, what you consciously desire doesn’t really matter that much, as long as your subconscious mind disagrees with your consciously held wishes.

The secret to the permanent weight loss - which basically means the ability to maintain your best weight, is in resetting your subconscious mind, so that it keeps you at your desired weight automatically.

Our work will enable you to keep your best weight under your subconscious control.

This means no conscious effort on your part in order to maintain your best weight.

Noting beats that!

Just as before you used to subconsciously and effortlessly keep on overeating, after resetting of your subconscious mind, you will equally subconsciously and effortlessly maintain your ideal weight.

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