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The above image is not
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As I have said it elsewhere, my Toronto Stress Management services incorporate self hypnosis training.

What I have not mentioned anywhere else - except on this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - is that my Toronto Stress Management services incorporate also Body-Energy Awareness Training.

Both self hypnosis training and Body-Energy Awareness Training should be a part of any advanced stress management and relaxation training process.

Unfortunately, they are neither mentioned nor attended to by most of those who teach stress management and relaxation simply because not everyone who teaches how to manage stress and develop the art of relaxation is experienced in the area of hypnosis, energy healing and evocation of the common human reality of energetic existence underneath the seeming solidity of the body.

My ability to use my Toronto Stress Management Training to teach you much more than a conventional stress management service could provide comes from my long years of practice of hypnosis and energy healing.

Today, most people know that there is nothing solid in the seemingly solid material world.

Physicists have shown us that matter is really not material after all! What we perceive as matter is a vibrating energy field.

It is so dense that our senses register it as a solid thing while in fact there is nothing solid about it.

Most people know that they are made of vibrating energy fields but their knowledge is only intellectual – it is not experiential - and it doesn’t allow them to make any practical use of it.

When you learn how to experience your body on its energetic level, you will experientially know that you are much more than just your physical self.

Expanding your ability to know yourself beyond the merely physical level of experience and becoming aware of your energetic self will benefit you in two ways which I describe in the following sections.

Self-healing of the body on the energetic level

Learning to experience yourself as an energy field - as a part of my Toronto Stress Management Training - can enable you to manipulate energetically all parts and conditions of your body.

When you know your body only as a material object, you can deal with it only in a material way. Knowing your body as an energy field will enable you to deal with it in an energetic way.

When you are attending to any of your “physical conditions” in an energetic way, you are not hallucinating: you are actually dealing with yourself on the most scientific, and at the same time, most basic level of your manifested existence.

Successful dealing with any part of your body in an energetic way means that you are able to create desirable changes there via the alteration of the energy vibration rate of the “misbehaving” part of your body.

Accessing the spirit level of your existence

Feeling your body on its energetic level is essentially a psycho-energetic experience.

As you go through it, you use your psyche to perceive what you are on the energy level of your being.

You must go through your psycho-energetic level of functioning before you can experience yourself on the level of your spirit.

My Body-Energy Awareness Training - as a part of my Toronto Stress Management Training - can serve as a transitional stage for all those who are interested in going beyond the limitations of their psycho-energetic selves.

On the psycho-energetic level you can play on the field which is much larger and more interesting than the field of a mere physical sensory perception.

However, there is even more to be experienced on the spirit level of your existence.

My Body-Energy Awareness Training can serve as a window into that ultimate realm of human experience.

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