My Toronto Hypnosis Clinic mission
is to empower your mind

What follows is a hypnotic presentation of a very solid reality which serves as the foundation of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic practice

I chose to do what I do because

It’s All In Your Mind!

The ancient biblical proverb says:

All things begin in your mind

The above quoted biblical proverb shows that, more than 2000 years ago, people were already aware of the fact that

It really is all in your mind!

What I’m going to say on this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is obviously nothing new.

What brings value to this presentation is its  hypnotic power to influence your mind to the point at which the so very common saying: It’s all in your mind, will - perhaps for the first time in your life - take on a very different quality.

It is my hope that through this short presentation I will be able to inspire at least some of the people who have visited this page - of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - to ACTION!

All things begin in the mind, but it is only your acting them out that can bring any real change into your life.

This page by virtue of what it shows, has the power to end all of your excuses and to stimulate you to become all you can be.

I hope you will enjoy the ride.

You can click on the images presented below to find out more about the people whose stories inspired me to use them as the examples of the fact that

It's All In Your Mind


The above images show one of the most famous scientists in the world - Stephen Hawking.

For many years now, his body has been in a condition which totally excludes the possibility of a “normal” physical life.

If you want to find the details of his physical condition, you will find plenty of the information about it on the Internet.

It is not my purpose here to discuss how his body malfunctions.

What I want to focus your attention on is the fact that Hawking has been able to achieve the heights of the scientific fame through the power of his MIND, and in spite of his disease-ravaged body.

Another example of the truth that it’s NOT in your body, but ONLY in your mind is Rick Hansen who had suffered a broken back as a young man.

A few able-bodied people could ever achieve what Rick Hansen was able to achieve in spite of his partially disabled body.

What follows are the images of Nick Vujicic who has neither legs nor arms.


Due to the extent of his physical disability he’s probably the greatest example of the truth which this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website attempts to imprint on your subconscious mind.

Another example of: IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND is the well known Terry Fox, who had run 130 marathons back-to-back without breaks in between, without one leg and while dying of cancer.

And last but not least, of those whom I present on this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, is Michael J. Fox whose physical disability seems to be a great inspiration to him, rather than a hindrance.

What follows are the images of some of those whose bodies are still in order, but whose minds are no longer there


The dementia victims who in spite of being physically fit cannot really do anything anymore in their lives, are another example of what this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website attempts to imprint on your subconscious mind.

Namely, the immortal truth of the fact that


It is my hope that what I’ve presented here will inspire you to


How could you ever insist on your disability, as long, as you have your fully functioning mind?

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