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This page is about
the gradual elimination
of antidepressants
from one woman's life

walter orlowski

About healing the feelings of depression

1. Toronto Depression Clinic - She was able to...

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working hypnotically and energetically with a lady who used to be plagued by depression.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with her at my Toronto Depression Clinic, because she was very responsive to our mutual effort directed towards the dissolution of her depressive state.

As our hypnotic work progressed, she was able to decrease her daily dose of antidepressants and now is totally medication-free.

During our last session she told me that her Internet research disclosed to her that the side effects of antidepressants are precisely what they are supposed to treat.

In response, I directed her to the following link:

Depression is NOT a chemical imbalance in your brain

2. Toronto Depression Clinic - Update

The lady who came to my Toronto Depression Clinic, aiming at the gradual elimination of antidepressants from her life has been free from antidepressants for two weeks now, and is feeling great!

I've seen her 12 times - so far - and we are going to take a few-week-long break.

I want to mention here that I've worked with her utilizing hypnotic trance and energy medicine.

We came to the point in our sessions at which I could work with her in total silence.

Deeply in a hypnotic trance, she was clearing her depression feelings through the power of her own subconscious mind, as I provided the necessary energetic environment, in which such clearing of the mind from depression feelings was a living reality.

3. Toronto Depression Clinic - Follow up

When my client came back from her vacation, she reported being totally free from her former feelings of depression.

Our work on her depression feelings was finished and she asked me to help her quit smoking.

I expect that she will be able to quit her smoking soon.

I expect that she will get rid of the cigarettes just as she did get rid of her antidepressants.

I have mentioned above that I've worked with my client both hypnotically and energetically.

If you want to find out more about my energy work, you may follow the link below.

Energy healing of the mind

4. Toronto Depression Clinic - About hypnotic hand levitation

As I worked with my client on the dissolution of her feelings of depression, I was able to use a hand levitation technique of hypnosis with great success.

Not all of my clients are willing - on the subconscious level of their minds - to engage in the hypnotic hand levitation process, which is basically a spontaneous lifting of the hand in response to hand-levitation-oriented suggestions.

After two decades of working with hypnosis I can say that - at least in my practice - the hand levitation technique of hypnosis has been very helpful in terms of achieving great results while working with clients in the hypnotic trance.

The hand levitation technique is very simple, and yet, very powerful due to several inherent aspects of the hypnotic hand levitation process.

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