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The following section of this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website describes the history of my involvement with counseling.

I begin the description of my Toronto Counseling Services with the following historical note because I believe that you would like to learn as much as possible about who your prospective helper is, and why he can confidently offer what he offers.

If you want to skip this section and find out what my Toronto Counseling Services can do for you - please scroll down to the section entitled: What I can do for you.

My Toronto Counseling Services have emerged in a natural, spontaneous way out of my long years of practice of hypnosis.

After I’ve mastered various hypnotic techniques - which are all about the art of making subconsciously convincing presentations - I came to the point at which, in some cases, I was able to “just” talk to a client without any formal induction of hypnosis, in a way which would totally alter my client’s subconscious reality orientation.

My long years of practicing hypnosis have taught me how to speak to the people in a hypnotic way - a way which is able to convince them to take another road, or simply show them what they must do in order to overcome their problems - without the necessity of using a formal hypnotic technique.

When I realized that I could succeed with some of my clients by “just” talking to them in ways which would liberate them from their stuck mental positions, I saw that I could start offering counseling services in parallel to my hypnosis practice.

I am sure, the Toronto Counseling Services section of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website will develop into a website within a website.

I am sure about this because I can see how my Toronto Counseling Services develop and how they benefit some of my clients.

You can confidently bring your problems to me and most likely I will will be able to show you the way out.

I say: ”Bring your problems to me” because I do enjoy helping others solve what they are unable to solve by themselves.

I say it because your problem - whatever it is - is very interesting to me in terms of its creative resolution.

I say: ”Bring your problems to me” because solving human problems is a form of my art, and as a problem solving artist I do seek ways in which my art can find its expression.

In a way, I do what I do only because it brings me a great deal of creative joy.

What follows is that I do need you as much as you may need me.

Some people climb the mountains, others race cars and I simply create new liberating structures in the medium of human consciousness.

I do paint on the canvas of human perception with words and semantic structures capable of totally changing - for the better - even the most troublesome mental landscapes.

There is nothing more interesting to me in the whole world than helping you achieve your liberation from whatever blocks, stops or collapses you.

As I work I fulfill my earthly purpose of existence, and because what I do is aligned with my true purpose it is easy for me to do.

As your prospective helper I want to tell you that I haven’t started my Toronto Counseling Services out of a need for something to do.

I was guided to do what I do by my awareness of my true mission in life.

I say all of these things here to give you an idea of who I am and where I come from.

I say it to lay the foundation for our possible meeting and working together towards your freedom of being and expression.

I say it because all successful work that is ever done in the realm of human consciousness requires that a connection between a helper and a helped one is established.

Effective counseling is not possible without this connection being present.

Another thing is that - if a counseling service is to be effective it HAS TO BE HYPNOTIC.

It has to be hypnotic in the sense of having a great convincing power capable of influencing both your conscious and your subconscious mind.

For this reason, my ability to help you as a counselor is greatly magnified by my ability to function as a master hypnotist.

What you can get out of my Toronto Counseling Services may not be available in many other places where the hypnotic component of the counseling work is neither practiced nor appreciated.

The life changing insights which my clients achieve through my Toronto Counseling Services are frequently augmented by my skillful usage of the psychic reading, synchronicity-based, ancient Chinese methodology.

This additional service is available at not cost to all of my Toronto Counseling Services clients.

What I can do for you

My Toronto Counseling Services encompass the following areas of counseling: career counseling, relationship counseling, addiction counseling and trauma counseling.

About Walter Orlowski
Toronto Career Counseling Services

The value of my Toronto Career Counseling Services derives from my own personal history of successful arrival at my most fitting career destination.

For many years I had searched for what I was really meant to do in my life.

My own several-decades-long experience of searching for, and eventual finding my true life purpose makes me uniquely qualified to disclose your own life purpose to you.

It took me a long time to finally arrive at the place of NO DOUBT as to what I was really meant to do in my life because I had nobody to guide me.

Looking back on my long years of searching, I realize that if I had in my life someone capable of effective career guidance I would have pursued a very specific course of study right after finishing my high school.

Looking back, I know exactly what I should have studied from the very beginning, and how much faster my final arrival at the point of my meant-to-be, vocational destination would have been achieved.

My initial course of study was a total miss.

I wasted years of studying to acquire my master’s degree in the field of environmental engineering.

When I started working as an environmental engineer I immediately encountered the pain of not fulfilling my real potential.

It was the pain of awareness of wasting my life on something I wasn’t meant to do that made me quit my engineering profession.

Searching for the fulfillment in life, I left Europe and came to Canada where I became a registered respiratory therapist.

My ten years of working at a large community hospital in Toronto have brought me a bit closer to my true life mission but not close enough to fulfill my vocational desires.

Eventually, I quit my hospital work and devoted several years of study to become a homeopathic doctor, and even this has not brought me where I needed to be.

It took a few more years before I have found my true, meant to be, vocational destination in hypnosis, counseling and helping others to connect with the spiritual reality of their existence.

Having been through so many years of searching for my true mission in life, having studied for, and worked as a professional in several areas of employment, I know how difficult it may be for you to clearly define what you are really meant to do in your life.

From my own personal experience I know how terribly tormenting it may be for you to have a deep desire to find your true mission in life, and at the same time to be unable to reach a convincing awareness of the best way of fulfilling your great potential.

It is precisely your awareness of your great potential that drives your search for meaning and purpose in life.

And as it drives your search, it may also be driving you nuts because nothing is more frustrating than knowing that you have a great potential and not being able to channel it into a specific form of expression.

Through my Toronto Counseling Services I can help you shorten your path to self-discovery.

My Toronto Counseling Services can help you save years of searching for your true vocation, and enable you to achieve your meant-to-be life destination without going through the pain of hitting and missing various vocational options before finally arriving where you are meant to be.

About Walter Orlowski
Toronto Relationship Counseling Services

The value of my Toronto Relationship Counseling Services derives mainly from my personal history of dependence on being in a relationship.

I used to be so utterly dependent on “that special someone” in my life that without her I could not really go on living.

When one relationship ended I would immediately seek another.

One human crutch had to be replaced by another to enable me to move on in life, which I could not live by my own power.

When I finally arrived at the point of liberation from dependence on another person in my life, it was like moving to another country.

It was like being awakened from a life-long nightmare.

Because I used to be so enslaved by my relationships and now am free from my former, toxic dependence - naturally - one of the areas of my Toronto Counseling Services in which I do excel is the relationship counseling which focusses on ending the toxic, dependence-based forms of relating between the people.

The reality of my personal liberation from dependence-based relationships has inspired me to offer to others what I knew I was able to achieve in my own life.

Throughout the years of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic practice, I’ve helped many “broken hearts” to recover from their brokenness and enabled them to see the actual benefits of exiting the relationships which were never meant to be.

Fixing the “broken hearts” has given me a lot of counseling experience and served as an additional inspiration for offering my relationship-oriented, Toronto Counseling Services in parallel to my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic practice.

As much as my Toronto Counseling Services can help you end your toxic relationship or heal your broken heart, I can also help you to save your relationship, providing it is really worth saving.

There are many relationships which in spite of being plagued by various difficulties are worth saving.

In case you are not sure whether or not your troubled relationship is worth saving, my Toronto Counseling Services can definitely help you arrive at the clarity of vision, and the point of decision.

About Walter Orlowski
Toronto Addiction Counseling Services

For many years now I’ve been successfully helping alcoholics recover from their dependence on wines, spirits and beer.

As much as my way of healing an alcoholic addiction is based mainly on hypnosis, energy healing and spiritual healing, I am also aware of the fact that many cases of alcoholism do require a significant amount of counseling in order to bring them to their successful resolution.

Because of the multi-faceted nature of alcoholic addiction my Toronto Counseling Services can definitely speed up your recovery when used in parallel with other modalities which I typically use while dealing with an alcoholic addiction.

About Walter Orlowski
Toronto Trauma Counseling Services

You need trauma counseling as long as some traumatic event from your past exerts its negative influence on your present life.

You are experiencing trauma-related problems only because what happened to you worked on you as a very powerful form of hypnosis.

A traumatic event hypnotized you into a particular way of perceiving your present reality.

Your problem is of a hypnotic nature and because you do suffer from trauma hypnosis, only hypnosis can be used to undo your present condition.

You basically need to be UNHYPNOTIZED from your trauma hypnosis.

Just because you need to be UNHYPNOTIZED from your trauma hypnosis does not mean that you necessarily need to go for a formal hypnosis treatment.

My Toronto Counseling Services can help you achieve freedom from your trauma hypnosis via simple - and yet - powerful counseling methodology which being itself highly hypnotic does not utilize a formal hypnotic trance induction.

In this way you can benefit from hypnosis without going for hypnosis.

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