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It's all in your mind!
Where else could it be?

I got the idea of writing this page about my Toronto Anxiety Clinic services after I looked today ( Aug. 26. 2012 ) at the page which I’ve recently created and placed under the banner of my Mission Statements.

You will find a link to this page at the end of the page you are reading now.

As I looked at this page, I realized that its message: It’s All In Your Mind, does apply to all anxiety cases without exception.

The link between the reality of the anxiety and the reality presented on the page carrying the It’s All In Your Mind message is obvious.

Anxiety - as I treat it at my Toronto Anxiety Clinic - is a form of our so very common, human MENTAL WEAKNESS.

This common mental weakness from which so many people suffer is the weakness of the mind which fails to access its full potential.

The people whose stories I briefly mentioned on the It’s All In Your Mind page point to the necessity of overcoming our mental weakness.

For some reason the necessity of a routine mental workout, which is essential to the development of our mental strength, and to its ongoing maintenance, is not obvious to most of the people who suffer from anxiety, depression and many other psychological afflictions.

I am going to repeat here what I’ve already said on many other pages devoted to my Toronto Anxiety Clinic services.

I am going to repeat that the realm of your psyche is no different from the realm of your body, in terms of what it needs in order to function at the level of its full potential.

If you want to develop and maintain your physical strength you obviously need to engage into a routine physical workout.

The same is true with respect to the development of the power of your mind.

You can’t treat your mind as something that will work for you automatically just because it is there.

I see large groups of people jogging in High Park every weekend.

On the other hand, I still have to encounter someone who comes to my Toronto Anxiety Clinic saying: You know, I’ve been trying hard to strengthen my mind through a routine mental workout, in order to overcome this terrible weakness of my mind, which manifests itself as anxiety - but so far I haven’t been successful. Would you be able to help me?

People who seek help for their anxiety feelings generally expect that they don’t have what it takes to do the necessary anxiety-dissolving work themselves.

And as much as I do understand that there are cases in which people suffering from the anxiety feelings need help, because they can’t handle the business of their liberation on their own, I also try to make it obvious - through the writings related to my Toronto Anxiety Clinic services - that there is a lot that the anxiety sufferers CAN do by themselves in order to alleviate their troublesome condition.

I do enjoy tremendously those cases of anxiety feelings, in which my clients are willing to engage themselves into a Mind Empowering Training, which I provide, in order to help the anxiety sufferers to be able to help themselves.

Even the olympic athletes - people who know their disciplines inside-out, do not rely on themselves to train themselves.

The reality of our human condition is such that we do need trainers, coaches and instructors.

Anxiety-dissolving training and coaching are my favorite modalities, which I use frequently in order to help my clients achieve their lasting freedom from all sorts of anxiety feelings.

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