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How I can help you get rid of the illusory anxiety demons

I do offer various anxiety solutions to my Toronto Anxiety Clinic clients.

One of them is about reaching the point of awakening to the illusory nature of the anxiety demons, popping up all around you on a daily basis.

The illusory anxiety demons are benign, and don’t have any solid reality except the reality which YOU give to them through your own prone-to-anxiety perceptions.

In other words, the illusory anxiety demons are nothing but figments of your imagination.

My Toronto Anxiety Clinic solutions to the feelings of anxiety arising in your mind, whenever you are confronted with the particular anxiety generating situations, are simple and very effective.

If you decide to book an appointment at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, during our first session we are going to explore the actual nature of the events and situations, which have been generating anxiety feelings in your mind.

We are going to discuss HOW your anxiety feelings arise in your mind.

We are also going to explore the possible anxiety-triggering-links between the situations that evoke the anxiety feelings in your mind, and the past traumatic events of your life, which could have conditioned you to experience your feelings of anxiety.

As a client of my Toronto Anxiety Clinic you will have the opportunity to go through the process of hypnoanalysis, which is basically about locating the root-cause of your anxiety feelings.

In most cases, the feelings of anxiety which people experience, as they face various situations in their lives, have NOTHING to do with these situations.

The anxiety generating situations - the illusory anxiety demons - are only triggers that activate the old anxiety feelings solidly imprinted at the level of their subconscious minds by various traumatic events of the past.

On the conscious level of your mind you may be totally unaware of the actual origin of your anxiety feelings.

The subconscious exploration of the possible root-causes of your anxiety feelings at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, may be enough liberate your mind from the feelings of anxiety.

I’ve seen many people at my Toronto Anxiety Clinic who were able to achieve a total freedom from their anxiety feelings upon discovering the root-cause of their feelings of anxiety.

Your understanding of the psychological mechanism responsible for the evocation of the anxiety feelings in your mind, has the power to totally eliminate your feelings of anxiety.

I have also met with the cases of anxiety feelings at my Toronto Anxiety Clinic in which there was no way to uncover their root-causes.

If it happens that the root-cause of your anxiety feelings cannot be uncovered - nothing is lost.

We are simply going to engage into a hypnotic process of unconditioning of your subconscious mind.

Ultimately, your anxiety feelings must have been conditioned to arise at the level of your subconscious mind.

You don’t create them consciously.

You only experience them consciously, whenever your subconscious mind reacts to the events of your life in a way that generates your anxiety feelings.

In other words, something must have hypnotized you to experience your anxiety feelings, whenever you are confronted with particular situations in your life.

What fallows is that, just as you’ve been hypnotized into experiencing your anxiety feelings, you can be also UNHYPNOTIZED from the anxiety-generating-patterns of your subconscious mind.

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people at my Toronto Anxiety Clinic, who did not really have to be hypnotized into anything.

What they needed was to be UNHYPNOTIZED from their subconsciously conditioned patterns of trouble.

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