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The God delusion
How one man ended up
in a state of severe
existential anxiety

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1. Toronto Anxiety Clinic - The God Delusion

A man in his early 40s has brought recently a fascinating case of anxiety to my Toronto Anxiety Clinic.

He used to be very religious and a regular church goer.

About one year ago - somehow - he started reading books written by atheists and devoted to proving the non-existence of God.

One of these books - which I happened to read too - was Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

He also started watching various YouTube videos devoted to proving the non-existence of God.

As a result of his reading and watching, my client lost his faith in God.

His former faith was replaced by terrifying and paralyzing him profound existential anxiety.

There was no more God - watching over him and protecting him - in his life.

There was no more meaning and no purpose in his life from which God has departed.

When he sat down in the chair in my office he was shaking, and when I showed him my copy of Dawkins’ The God Delusion, he asked me to take it off my desk.

The mere sight of the book was exacerbating his already very high level of anxiety feelings.

2. Toronto Anxiety Clinic - The God Delusion cont.

I started our session by telling my client what he didn't want to hear.

As I spoke to him, his body language was telling me that he didn't want to hear what I was saying, and he himself at the end of our session admitted that, when he first heard what I was saying, all he wanted to do was to get up and get out of my Toronto Anxiety Clinic.

What was the disturbing news being revealed to the man possessed by the spirit of anxiety?

I disturbed him greatly by telling him that what he thought was his great faith in God was but a delusion in his mind.

I said to him: "You used to think you believed in God.

You thought you were close to God and had a real relationship with Him.

But now all of it is gone!

And how could you possibly lose REAL faith in God?

How could you possibly lose a REAL relationship with God?

You haven't lost anything - because YOU'VE NEVER HAD ANYTHING in the first place!

All you've had was some IDEAS about God in your head.

You've simply hypnotized yourself with these ideas into a delusion of faith and closeness to God.

How do I know that all of your faith was based on self hypnosis and not a real KNOWING of God in YOUR HEART?

I know this because, it was enough for you to read some books and watch some videos to UNHYPNOTIZE yourself from your delusion of faith, and HYPNOTIZE yourself into another delusion - a delusion of your faithlessness and non-existence of God."

3. Toronto Anxiety Clinic - The God Delusion cont.

The case I’m describing here is a superb example of how hypnosis works in our lives.

It shows how hypnosis - in the form of self hypnosis - infiltrates even the seemingly most sacred regions of our existence.

It shows how hypnosis - in the form of self hypnosis - creates delusions of faith and closeness to the Divine.

We - just as my client did - realize that we’ve been taken over by our hypnotic delusions ONLY when they happen to collide with the REALITY in a way which shatters their flaky, based-on-hypnosis structures.

By NO means I want to use this case to prove / show that hypnosis is FLAKY.

It is NOT!

It has life-governing power and collapses ONLY when it collides with even more powerful hypnosis, or, when it smashes its head against the TRUTH of the ULTIMATE REALITY.

Our ULTIMATE REALITY never collapses.

Our ability to identify ourselves with what we REALLY ARE may fluctuate like everything else in our lives - but these fluctuations never erase the ESSENTIAL FACT of our existence.

The FACT of our ONENESS with the DIVINE.

It is ONLY our hypnotically-based belief structures that crumble under the pressure of the ULTIMATE REALITY.

These structures exist only in our minds.

The ULTIMATE TRUTH - on the other hand - exists in our hearts.

A heart - in the context of what I present here - is obviously, just a metaphor for OUR ESSENCE, SOMETHING which escapes all intellectual attempts to define it.

What I want to use the case described here for, is to show HOW self-hypnosis-based ANXIETY ARISES in human lives.

I want to show the reality of its roots and the ONLY REAL WAY to FREEDOM from the anxiety feelings.

My client’s case shows how hypnosis - in the form of self hypnosis - can set a stage for the emergence of the life-shattering feelings of anxiety.

It also shows the way leading towards a profound inner change.

A change which ENDS the anxiety feelings.

As I continue this thread I will mention briefly HOW this change comes about.

I will show what can potentially happen in my client’s life and what can happen in your life too.

4. Toronto Anxiety Clinic - The God Delusion cont.

The case which I present here - just as any other case of existential anxiety - has three major points of reference.

The first point of reference is the reality of THINGS BEING O.K.

This is the stretch of time during which an anxiety possessed person had been free from his existential anxiety.

His time of freedom could have been years of even decades.

The second point of reference is a point at which his freedom from anxiety collapses and he becomes possessed by the spirit of existential anxiety.

The third point of reference is a point at which his anxiety begins to disappear as it is gradually replaced by the MYSTICAL KNOWLEDGE of the ULTIMATE SAFETY of LIFE.

5. Toronto Anxiety Clinic - The God Delusion cont.

In my client’s case the period of his OK-ness had lasted for at least a couple of decades.

It was a stretch of time during which he was almost obsessed with religious matters and under the care of his spiritual director.

I don’t know what influenced him - read: what hypnotized him - into his delusion of faith and closeness to God.

The only thing I know is that somehow he became a fervent follower of his religion.

This kind of religious hypnosis is what drives most of the so-called religious people.

I have no doubt that more than 90% of the church goers have never experienced a REAL CONNECTION with God.

They attend religious services only because these services are somehow making them feel good.

They provide some sort of psychological support structure.

What they provide begins in the heads of the “faithful” and it ends there too.

The REAL SPIRITUAL / MYSTICAL union with God remains totally outside of the typical church-goer’s experience.

6. Toronto Anxiety Clinic - The God Delusion cont.

My work at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic has shown me that many cases of anxiety follow the pattern of the case which I’m describing here under the title of The God Delusion.

It is typical that anxiety erupts in a person’s life OUT-of-NOWHERE.

At least this is the subjective perception of those who wake up one day in a grip of anxiety, totally surprised by what has just happened to their previously anxiety-free life.

Obviously, this kind of OUT-of-NOWHERE anxiety-eruption is just an illusion of the conscious mind.

On the subconscious level the seeds of anxiety have been planted long time ago, but this has not entered the victim’s conscious awareness.

7. Toronto Anxiety Clinic - The God Delusion cont.

A typical mistake which many people make when they end up overwhelmed by the - OUT-of-NOWHERE erupting - dread of existential anxiety is to follow the common psychiatric advice and start popping pills.

They do this because they lack the awareness of what has just happened in their lives.

They don’t realize that what has happened is a blessing in disguise!

It is a blessing because it gives them a chance to start working towards the development of their REAL RELATIONSHIP WITH REALITY.

It is a blessing because the dread of existential anxiety which they are experiencing is a message pointing towards SOMETHING of absolutely critical importance.

What is that SOMETHING?

It is a fact that, ultimately, existential SECURITY can be found ONLY in GOD.

It can be found only in the MATURE RELATIONSHIP between a creature and THE CREATOR.

8. Toronto Anxiety Clinic - The God Delusion cont.

My client booked another session with me and even prepaid it, but cancelled it because - as he told me - he had to drive to the U.S on some urgent business.

He later told me - when he finally showed up for his session - that he went to the U.S to take part in some sort of a religious conference.

There, he had met someone who had described to him his own life-transforming religious experience and because it was so real - my client concluded that God must be a real “thing”.

He vicariously experienced what the man, whom he met, described to him and the man’s story became his own.

The glitch here is in the fact that my client still clings to the hypnotic influences which impress him from the outside and keeps on failing to discover the ULTIMATE REALITY within his own heart.

His words were: “After hearing this person’s story about his profound religious transformation I TOLD MYSELF THAT THERE MUST BE GOD.”

An interesting thing is that even my client’s language reflects his SELF HYPNOTIC efforts to influence himself, and in this way bring peace into his life.

He TELLS THINGS TO HIMSELF, and whatever he tells himself with a sufficient dose of conviction becomes what he believes in.

What a beautiful example of self hypnosis!

He hasn’t spoken to me for some time...

No more sessions are booked.

He - as I assume - is able to function now with the help of his self-hypnosis-based, pseudo-faith engendered by his vicarious experience.

This pseudo-faith can potentially last him for another couple of decades before another collision of his mind with the ROCK of REALITY will shatter his merely self hypnotic, mental position.

It may also happen that he will call again and continue working on the process of his AUTHENTIC SPIRIT-BASED LIBERATION form his feelings of anxiety.

I don’t know what will happen and for now am going to close this thread.

If I hear from my client again, I will continue this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website.

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