Spiritual Hypnosis
The Art of Connecting With God


Spiritual Hypnosis is the usage of hypnosis for the purpose of connecting with God.

Accessing the realm of the Divine requires that you enter a particular state of mind.

It is obvious that, when you are in a state of anger, jealousy or hatred, you are cut off from the Divine.

It is also obvious that, the state conducive to the Divine connection is no necessarily something that happens to us spontaneously. In in most cases it needs to be worked out.

Spiritual Hypnosis, understood as the attainment of the necessary - Divine Connection evoking - state of consciousness, is the only agency, via which you can connect with God.

Spiritual Hypnosis allows you to enter an altered state of consciousness known as prayer - during which your intercourse with the Divine becomes possible.

Spiritual Hypnosis is no different from the firewalking hypnosis, in terms of the necessity of attainment of a specialized state of consciousness, which makes it possible for us to enter a particular form of reality.

You just can’t walk successfully through the bed of burning coals, unless you are in a proper state of mind.

In the same way, unless you are in a proper state of mind, you can’t access the Divine Reality, and benefit from that connection.

Hypnosis is defined as an intense focus of consciousness on one thing, to the exclusion of all other peripheral foci of attention.

If in the above definition, the word “hypnosis” is substituted by the word “prayer”, and the word “thing” by God - we have the most precise definition of prayer.

The above statement - with this kind of word substitution - will read as follows: Prayer is defined as an intense focus of consciousness on God, to the exclusion of all other peripheral foci of attention.

Spiritual Hypnosis and prayer are one and the same thing.

Both entail the development of a profoundly altered state of consciousness, and both aim at the attainment of the connection with God.

Most of the believers in God do not realize how profound is the connection between the successful prayer, and what happens in their subconscious minds.

Most of the believers pray in a totally conflicting state of consciousness, achieving no success through their prayers.

They consciously pray for wealth, while subconsciously they believe that money is dirty, and subscribe to the “filthy rich” mentality.

Spiritual Hypnosis, if used properly, assures that, your both minds - your conscious and your subconscious mind pray for the same thing.

As long as there is a conflict between your conscious and your subconscious mind - the subconscious mind is always going to win.

Spiritual Hypnosis is meant to properly influence your subconscious mind, and not only provide the necessary state of concentration, but also the necessary subconscious-mental-position for your prayers to be successful.

Spiritual Hypnosis is an absolute necessity in all the cases, in which all other forms of healing do not seem to be generating the desired outcomes.

When everything else fails our only hope is in God - but we must approach the Divine Creative Power in a totally congruent way.

We can’t pray for health with our conscious minds and resist healing with our subconscious minds.

Spiritual Hypnosis is your necessity, if you suspect that your conscious and your subconscious minds are in conflict.

Spiritual Hypnosis is your necessity, because it is the only tool which can enable you to achieve a state of a congruent prayer.

All religions depend heavily on the usage of the Spiritual Hypnosis.

It is through the hypnotic power of the ritual, homily, repetitive prayers, and the profoundly mind-affecting, monumental, religious architectural structures, that the mind of a believer enters a state of the direct connection with the Divine.

Take all of the religious-state-of-mind-inducing devices away, and you will end up with a totally powerless religious service.

It is the Spiritual Hypnosis of a gifted priest, who through his powerful, hypnotic homily, evokes in his congregation the high intensity of the spiritual energy vibration.

Without his ability to stir-his-people-up spiritually - the service becomes a dragging bore.

Properly understood and utilized Spiritual Hypnosis is truly the only agent, through which any God-oriented human activity, enables the believers to enter into the realm of the Divine.

From what I have written above, it is obvious that hypnosis has to be understood in a much broader way, than it is presently understood by most of the people.

Enlarging your own understanding of the principles of hypnosis, which operate in all areas of your life, without exception, will enable you to achieve success, in all those places where previously, successful living seemed to be not possible.

The old biblical proverb says: "All things begin in the mind".

If 2000 years ago, the person who wrote this statement had any knowledge of the existence of the subconscious mind, the above statement would read: "All things begin in the subconscious mind".

Because hypnosis is the tool of choice in terms of dealing with your subconscious mind, and because your subconscious mind sets the tone for your whole existence, make sure that you will become a skillful self-hypnotist.

Your whole life depends on your proficiency in the area of self-hypnosis.

Through my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic services, I can help you attain the mastery of your own, personal Hypnotic Necessity.

There are many necessities in your life but all of them can be fulfilled only through your congruent conscious and subconscious functioning.

If there is any disagreement between your conscious and your subconscious minds in any area of your endeavor - your efforts to succeed will be forever frustrated.

On the other hand if you achieve your conscious and subconscious congruency - anything that you will attempt to achieve, in such united state of mind, will succeed automatically.

Your conscious-subconscious unity of will will render you truly unstoppable.

Your conscious-subconscious congruency may be viewed as the most important aspect of you whole life.

It is not only that your Spiritual Connection totally depends on it - everything else also does.

Cultivate the unity of your conscious and your subconscious will.

Don't leave your home without it!

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