Undoing Your Smoking Hypnosis
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Smoking hypnosis, as a phrase is rather confusing. It can be understood as hypnosis that alleviates smoking addiction or a state of mind, which is hypnotized into its smoking behavior.

Hypnosis for smoking, has a much clearer meaning. Hypnosis for smoking is hypnosis, which dissolves your state of compulsive smoking hypnosis. I'm sure, you've watched stage hypnosis shows, or at least are aware what happens during these shows.

People on the hypnotic stage of entertainment behave in the most bizarre ways. They seem to be out of control and under the spell of a hypnotist. Don't you think that your smoking behavior - sucking on some dry leaves put on fire - is also bizarre and seemingly out of control? It happens on the stage of your life.

If you think about it, you will realize that, the stage of your life is intensely hypnotic in nature, full of uncontrollable hypnotic behaviors much like your smoking behavior.

I started smoking when I was seven and quit when I was thirty. My own experience with cigarettes shows that the nicotine is not addictive. I've never had to use cigarettes, it was always a choice and never a necessity. My smoking has never turned into a smoking hypnosis. Cigarettes have always made me tired and, for a long time, I was using them to suppress my excess of energy, which I felt but was not able to utilize.

I tried to go back to a very light smoking pattern and thought I would be able to enjoy my favorite Pall Mall cigarettes – no more than one a day. This attempt didn’t work because of severe throat irritation and general feeling of tiredness. It would take a couple of days for my system to recuperate from a single cigarette.

My success rate in the area of smoking cessation is about 70%. In most cases, undoing a cigarette addiction involves a lot of verbal, hypnotic suggestions. Obviously, the success rate is highest with those who are really ready to quit.

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