Reality of God
and Hypnosis

Creation of Adam

Yesterday ( November 26 / 2011), for more than an hour I was trying to present to my client the REALITY of GOD.

I was trying to help him connect with the origin of his existence, so that he could enter into the most important relationship of his life - a relationship, which potentially can exist on the conscious level of everybody’s mind.

I know that, the development of conscious relationship with GOD is THE UTTERLY SIMPLE AND ALL INCLUSIVE SOLUTION TO ALL HUMAN DILEMMAS.

Jesus was trying to convey this message saying: “Seek you first the KINGDOM of GOD within, and everything else shall be added unto you”.

Seeking, and finding that connection - on the conscious level of our minds - is the ONLY REAL LIBERATION from whatever torments us.

I know... From my own experience.

For a long time now, during our sessions I’ve been making attempts to show my client that, GOD does in fact exist.

I've been doing this simply because, I know that, if he could only open up to his very own REALITY of GOD, which is infinitely greater than his little, suffering ego-self, he would be on his road to freedom from anxiety.

As much as I’ve been trying to make a dent in his atheistic outlook, he had never failed to resist my attempts to break through his wall of spiritual blindness.

He had never failed to resist up to now - that is.

What inspired me to repeat my GOD-introduction-efforts during our yesterday’s session was a curious development in my client’s life.

Somebody recommended to him a CD, on which a well known author and teacher offers a way out of anxiety, mainly via promotion of the REALITY of GOD.

An interesting thing was that, my client in spite of his limited ability to understand English, was in some way able to benefit from listening to that recording.

It was as if the energy of that recording was able to make a calming impression on my client’s mind, in spite of his very limited, semantic perception of what he was listening to.

And even more interesting to me - actually quite amusing - fact was that, when I told my client that, his CD was basically about GOD, he said - this was unfortunate indeed, for as such, it would most likely do him no good whatsoever.

Encouraged by his - quite fascinating to me - response to a piece of mostly not understood by him recording, which somehow was able to make a desired change in his consciousness, I decided to make another attempt to open him up to the REALITY of GOD, which obviously was able to make an impression on him, in spite of lack of his linguistic understanding of the presentation.

Since my client’s disbelief in GOD has been always supported mainly by his awareness of injustice and suffering which plague the world, I started my spiel, from proposing to him an idea that, perhaps, his human mind could not really understand what was happening in the world.

I mentioned to him some of the greatest of human delusions - like the belief in a flat earth, and that the sun orbits the earth - which in time made an exit from the common human consciousness and were replaced by the scientific facts.

I asked him, if he could accept the possibility that, his disbelief in God could result from an illusion, which he had been subscribing to, for most of his life.

This suggestion was flatly rejected, and his rejection was again supported by a statement to the effect that, obviously, since there was so much suffering and injustice in the world, there could be no GOD.

In a way, he was insisting - probably, mostly unconsciously - that for GOD to be a REALITY, the REALITY of GOD wold have to be understood by his limited human mind.

He cold not see that, if GOD could be understood by the human mind, HE would not be GOD, but only a mental, logical concept.

For a moment, I thought about telling him the biblical story of Job, who was placed by GOD in a terrible situation of having to suffer without understanding why, and who in spite of never receiving any logical explanation for his apparently UNJUSTLY SUFFERED PAIN, was finally able to surrender to the REALITY of GOD.

But I gave up this idea, realizing that, he wold not be able to connect with the Job’s message.

My next step was to show him that, the world which his senses perceive is but an illusion created by his very own mind.

I told him, there were no colors out there - only different lengths of electromagnetic waves, and that some of the frequencies were ONLY INTERPRETED by his mind as colors.

I told him, there was no such thing as taste - only chemical reactions between food and his taste buds, which were ONLY INTERPRETED by his mind as various tastes.

I told him, the solid material world, which he perceived was but a delusion of his senses, and that the chair, on which he was sitting was made of compacted vibrating energy.

I basically told him that, his mind presented to him ONLY ILLUSIONS and NOT REALITY of his world, and asked, if he could accept the fact that, there had to be SOMETHING REAL underneath all of these illusions - SOMETHING, that is not JUST AN ILLUSION subjected to the laws of relativity, but THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

My client could not quite connect with this set of ideas...

Persisting further, I told him that, even the greatest contemporary, scientific minds seemed to accept the REALITY of GOD.

I told him that, our contemporary theoretical physics has become pretty MYSTICAL, and some of the statements made by the highest ranking physicists were not much different form the statements made by religious leaders throughout the ages.

I quoted to my client a statement made by Robert Laughlin - a contemporary physicist and a Nobel Prize laureate.

I told him that, Laughlin in the year 2000, said that, all of reality most likely unfolds like a wave from some forever UNKNOWABLE COSMIC MEDIUM.

I also pointed out that, if we replaced the words: COSMIC MEDIUM - in Laughlin’s statement - by the word GOD, we would be speaking rather strong religious language.

I noticed, this has made some dent in my client’s mental position regarding the REALITY of GOD.

He was able to accept the fact of UNIVERSAL EMERGENCE.

The fact that, everything must be coming out of SOME FOREVER UNKNOWABLE COSMIC SOURCE.

My client seemed to be able to accept the fact that, he had a DIVINE “FATHER”, and could possibly try to communicate with HIM.

However, he was still convinced that, “HIS FATHER” did not care the slightest, about the world which HE CREATED.

On the other hand, it was obvious to him that, since he was an intelligent creature - THAT SOMETHING, which brought him into existence, was infinitely more intelligent than himself.

At that out session ended.

My client said, he was very exhausted by his mental wrestling with the REALITY of GOD.

He also said, he was ready for more, and we made another appointment.

Now, was that a session of hypnosis?

You see, I wasn’t trying to HYPNOTIZE my client into believing into REALITY of GOD.

I was only trying to convey to him the reality of THE REALITY, which has become my DAILY REALITY long time ago.

And yet, in order to convey that REALITY - THE REALITY of GOD - I had to use concepts and ideas, as convincing, as I could possibly manufacture.

What is the difference between the art of persuading someone to believe in something, and hypnosis?

Well... There in no difference.

In fact, the REAL human ability to actually EXPERIENCE the ongoing PRESENCE, and CONNECTION with GOD - by sheer necessity, in most cases - must begin with a set of convincing ideas.

What follows is that - YES! - we not only can, but in most cases MUST BE hypnotized into the REALITY of GOD.

In most cases, the best we as humans can do, is to shift from the merely psychological into THE SPIRITUAL, and there is nothing wrong with that.

It is just the way things are.

I hope to be able to see my client for as many sessions as are necessary, to AWAKEN HIS CONSCIOUSNESS to the REALITY of GOD.

I hope, his AWAKENING will happen through our sessions and his life will profoundly change.

I also want to make it clear here that, I don’t take any personal credit for whatever happens.

If in fact, GOD will reveal HIMSELF to my client in the midst of our sessions, it will happen as an ACT of GRACE, and not as a result of my hypno-spiritual ministrations.

My presence in my client’s life, must be viewed only as that of a tool, with which the DIVINE ARTIST performs HIS MYSTERIOUS WORK.

I am aware that, of my own self, I could be of no use to my client at all.

I am looking forward to seeing him again in January, and if he shows up, and continues our sessions, I will keep on adding to this page updates on our mutual progress.

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