Orlowski Metaperception Training
Enabling You to Rise Above
the Negative States of Your Mind

Orlowski Metaperception Training is a part of all of the mind healing approaches which I use in my Toronto Mind Healing practice.

Even the most basic Psychic Detox procedure benefits from combining it with a dose of the Orlowski Metaperception Training.

Orlowski Metaperception Training is based on your ability to think about your own thinking.

We all have this ability, but only a very few of us know how to use it consciously, in order to liberate ourselves from all kinds of our mental negativity.

Through the Orlowski Metaperception Training, I will teach you how to take even the most difficult of your mental states, into your own private laboratory of the mind.

In the laboratory of your own mind, like a scientist, you will be able to dispassionately observe your mental states, without the need to identify with them.

It is only your identification with the states of your mind that can ever make your experience a psychic trouble.

My Orlowski Metaperception Training, will teach you to literally rise above what your mind does, and realize, perhaps for the first time in your life, that you are not your mind.

The Orlowski Metaperception Training will make you realize that, you are neither your mind, nor its thoughts and emotions.

It will make it obvious to you that, what you really are is of the spiritual origin, and as such, it is never affected by what your mind does.

Enabling your consciousness to enter its higher levels of operation, by necessity, must begin with the training, which enables your consciousness to perceive its own operations, without being possessed by their delusional distortions of reality.

My Orlowski Metaperception Training will enable you not only to observe your own negative states of consciousness, but also to laugh at them.

Whatever you can laugh at, has no power over you whatsoever.

There is hardly any psychic ability more precious than your ability to laugh, at even the darkest states of you mind.

This is where your real freedom begins.

My Orlowski Metaperception Trainnig can take you there.

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