Hypnosis And The Divine

What does hypnosis have to do with The Divine? It was many years ago when a retired medical hypnotist Dr. David Heng taught me a way of hypnosis, which brings people in contact with their Power Within.

When Dr. Heng spoke about the Power Within, he meant the Divine Spirit - the Spark of God which lives in each of us. He was the only hypnotists I knew at that time, who during the course of his sessions discovered that some of his patients were accessing their Ultimate Reality within.

What those patients were reporting after the sessions, and the power of those interventions, was pointing to something beyond merely hypnotic results, which were nevertheless brought into existence via hypnotic work.

When Dr Heng discovered this, he stopped leading his patients, during the sessions, into some nice, sunny beach, and started helping them to access The Kingdom of God Within.

His whole hypnotic practice was revolutionized by his discovery, which marked the beginning of his conversion. His atheistic world view gradually dissolved as he found himself "forced" to acknowledge and accept the Divine Reality.

Dr. Heng's realization became a part of my awareness, however, initially I have not payed much attention to what he was saying. During that time I was still infatuated by the work of Milton H. Erickson.

Erickson, perhaps the most famous medical hypnotist of all times, stayed away from the mystical reality. In spite of the obvious miracles which he experienced in his own life, he thought of them as worked out by his own personal power.

From the present point of the evolution of my consciousness it is obvious to me that, a deeper engagement in the work with the human mind, must eventually bring the worker face to face with the DIVINE REALITY beyond the mind.

All those who enter the REALITY termed as the DIVINE, by necessity, must pass through the psychic realm of experience.

Hypnotic work, for all those who are gifted with a deeper vision of REALITY, serves as a door into the realm of the SPIRIT.

When a hypnotist discovers that there is SOMETHING infinitely greater out there than hypnosis, he or she frequently begins to experience an inner torment.

There is a natural desire to engage in the work that is greater than merely hypnotic, and yet there is not enough grounding in the SPIRIT to shift into spiritual healing practice.

I am sure there are a lot of people who hang in this very uncomfortable space between the psychic and the DIVINE.

They are neither here nor there. And the fact is that human efforts cannot really resolve this ambivalent state of affairs.

Only the SPIRIT can enable one to truly enter and "work" the SPIRITUAL REALITY.

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