Blame Frame Hypnosis

The image of a grave is not too strong to be placed at the top of a page which is about the lethal poison of human blaming behavior.

The Blame Frame into which so many are locked destroys happiness, kills relationships and cripples those who have been exposed to it for a long time.

It is the most deadly of all ways of relating between spouses, partners, friends, parents and their children and even teachers and their students.

When you are locked into the vice of BLAME FRAME hypnosis you keep on blaming, criticizing and constantly looking for something that you could destroy by your negative judgement.

Your BLAME FRAME hypnosis - your trance of blaming - kills your relationships and creates a lot of trouble in your life, but you find yourself powerless to behave in a non-blaming and non-judgmental way.

You may even have come to the point at which you are so aware of the horror of your blaming behavior, that you hate it with all of your hating might - but at the some time you can’t stop yourself from acting in a blaming way.

Your blaming goes on in spite of your efforts to not blame, as if it was driven by something over which you had absolutely no control.

This state of affairs exists because you’ve been hypnotized -subconsciously conditioned - to operate in the BLAME FRAME state of mind.

You’ve been hypnotized into your pattern of blaming which operates within you, on the subconscious level of your mental existence.

And precisely, because it operates on the subconscious level of your mind - consciously you can do NOTHING about it.

Consciously you can only watch in horror how your BLAME FRAME hypnosis unfolds, whenever it pleases, forcing you to play its act out.

Have you ever thought about the origin of your blaming behavior?

If you give it some thought you will discover that your BLAME FRAME hypnosis is rooted in your deeply seated subconscious ANGER and HATE.

Something in your past has made you profoundly ANGRY and HATEFUL.

The energy of your ANGER and HATE seeks a way of expression - just as any psychic energy does - and it expresses itself via your blaming.

You blaming, self-righteous behavior is simply another face of your ANGER and HATE.

It camouflages your ANGER and HATE - which obviously, are not socially acceptable - and replaces them with something which seems to be well JUSTIFIED.

This well JUSTIFIED something is your self-righteousness.

It deludes you into thinking that you are RIGHT.

And of course, as much as it is not O.K. to be ANGRY and HATEFUL, it always O.K. to be RIGHT.

Your self-righteousness is the way in which you camouflage your ANGER and HATE.

I can tell you from my own experience that it is not easy to break the BLAME FRAME hypnosis pattern.

The BLAME FRAME hypnosis pattern is one of the subconscious patterns of human behavior which are the hardest to break.

The BLAME FRAME hypnosis patten is extremely hard to break because it pretends to be well JUSTIFIED.

It creates a delusion of being RIGHT.

This delusion tells you - each time you express you ANGER and HATE - that you are JUST correcting someone’s faulty behavior.

The trade mark of the people who suffer from the BLAME FRAME hypnosis is their negative, hyper-critical attitude towards mostly everything they come across in their lives.

They can hardly open their mouths without criticizing something and voicing their self-righteous disapproval.

This hyper-critical, blaming behavior is extremely hard on all those who are exposed to its lethal sting.

The relationships of the people who are locked into a vice of the BLAME FRAME hypnosis usually fall apart.

Not too many people can take the blaming behavior indefinitely, and those who take it because they are too weak to walk away, end up crippled - in one way or another - by the the BLAME FRAME hypnosis.

I’ve seen many people who became victims of the self-righteous, blaming behavior of their spouses or partners.

I’ve seen people who bombarded by the incessant criticism of their spouses or partners became totally disabled by it.

The incessant criticism and blaming, to which they were exposed day in and day out, worked on their subconscious minds just as hypnosis does.

They ended up hypnotized into a delusion of their inability to do anything RIGHT.

Recently I’ve met someone who ended up on the street, as a result of the profound psychic disability, induced in his mind by his incessantly blaming and criticizing partner.

Your blaming behavior is a lethal poison.

It poisons your life and the lives of all those who are around you.

You absolutely must do all you can to achieve your liberation.

You can start by associating with someone who operates in the BLAME FRAME hypnosis and experience his psychic attacks on yourself.

You can do this to see yourself in a psychic mirror.

I used to go on long trips with someone who behaved in an extremely critical, blaming and fault finding way.

Yes, that means I used to suffer from the BLAME FRAME hypnosis.

While hating his company, I was at the some time absorbing his blaming punches and being healed by them in a homeopathic way.

As a doctor of homeopathic medicine, I do understand well the like-cures-like principle of healing and frequently use it on the mental plane.

My long trips with my blaming companion were a psycho-homeopathic remedy which I used to administer to myself.

Another way of working towards undoing of your BLAME FRAME hypnosis is to enter into a process of dissolving it via anti-blame-frame-designed hypnosis sessions.

Ultimately, you’ve been stuck in the patterns of your blaming behavior only because you’ve been - in one way or another - hypnotized into it.

And because YOU ARE NOT IT - it can be undone.

It is only something that operates within you, and just as you were hypnotized into it, you can be UNHYPNOTIZED form it.

Feel free to contact me if you want to enter into a process of hypnotic dissolution of your BLAME FRAME hypnosis.

I’ve been successfully helping others to extract themselves from their blaming behavior for a long time.

Additional comments

The question of why

A trademark of the BLAME FRAME hypnosis is the QUESTION of WHY.

Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this to me?

Why do I have to put up with you?

Why are you so stupid?

Why can’t you do it the right way?

Why is it so difficult for you to...?

Etc, etc...

If you find yourself WHYING your partner - you are in the grip of the BLAME FRAME hypnosis.

You may not be aware that...

It may be that you are subconsciously driven to use the lethal sting of the BLAME FRAME to drive your partner out of your life.

To be under the constant fire of the BLAME FRAME is unbearable and sooner or later the blamed ones break down.

And when they break down they cease to be what they used to be.

As such, they may be willing to do what before seemed impossible to them.

They may be willing to run away from their marriages, partnerships or other arrangements.

So yes... It may be that you don’t want to be married anymore.

It may be that you’ve grown tired of your boyfriend or girlfriend and want him or her out of your life.

If that’s the case, and if you are lacking the courage to face the reality of your relationship and to simply say: I have enough of this...

You may be unconsciously using the BLAME FRAME to antagonize your partner to the point at which he or she will quit the relationship, relieving you of the psychological burden of being guilty of breaking up.

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