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How to book an appointment

If you want to book an appointment please email your request to: dr.walterorlowski@gmail.com

I repeat - please make your initial contact via email.

It is much easier and much more effective to connect with me via the email than via the phone.

If you don't get a response to your email within 24 hours, your email most likely didn't get through. You can repeat your email or call 416-880-9121


All sessions with Walter Orlowski are about one hour long. The current fee is $260 per session.

If a session is shorter than an hour, or longer than an hour - you are still charged the same fee.

The first session is always devoted to the gathering of information. There is no way that you can be helped without the assessment of your particular state of mind, your strengths and your weaknesses. Each case is treated individually. "One-size-fits-all" algorithms are never used in Walter Orlowski's practice.

There will be neither hypnotic nor any other work done for you during the information gathering session. The energy and time expended during this session is used solely for the purpose of finding out who you are, how your mind works and what is the best way to approach your problem. This in itself can be a formidable task. The $260 fee also applies to the information gathering session.

The only acceptable mode of payment is cash. The receipt is always issued after a session.

The cost of the custom designed self hypnosis CDs / MP3s is negotiable. All the long-distance payments are to be submitted via PayPal or the email-money-transfer. For the email-money-transfer, please use the following email: dr.walterorlowski@gmail.com


Appointments are available on weekdays in the morning and in the early afternoon. The latest appointment can be booked at 2:00 pm.

Appointments are also available in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays.

All appointments with Walter Orlowski must be confirmed by calling: 416 880 9121 on the day of the appointment, at least 3 hours before the time of the appointment. If your call is not answered - please leave a message.

If the confirmation is not received, the appointment is treated as a short-notice-cancelation - subject to the penalty payment equal to the currently charged fee ($260).


Cancellations can be accepted without penalty not later than 24 hours before the time of the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in the current fee of $260 being charged for the missed appointment.

An alternative to the one-on-one in-the-office sessions

There are conditions which respond very well to the repeated listening to the custom-made hypnosis recordings.

The cost of these recordings varies from case to case due to the differences between the individual needs of different clients.

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